How to select the right customer feedback tool for your product

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We hope this guide will provide you with some good insight into which customer feedback tool(s) will help you create a more customer-centric approach.

This can be achieved through either building trust, improving customer experience or focusing on usability.

But, always remember that the focus shouldn’t completely lie on receiving feedback but also analysing and acting on it. That is something not all of the customer feedback tools excel in.

Why is Customer feedback important?

Customer feedback is implicit gold.

If you examine how any founder at a leading tech company gets an insight to build the first viable product, they simply listen to their customers. Is listening to your customers providing a great value? Well, yes.

Obviously, listening to your potential customers will provide you with overlooked details that can turn a good product into an amazing product. For instance, in Apple.Inc, when you submit a feedback request their entire team will organize those requests.

They also analyze them to determine what features their customers really want.

How to manage your customer feedback?

Listening to your customer's feedback is a lot more easily talked about than put into practice.

Nowadays, the feedback comes in a multiple of formats such as live chats, surveys, discussion boards, support requests, and even sales demos. Collecting, organizing, and analyzing all those types of feedback will be a challenging task, especially when the number is huge.

But, the great news is that there are a number of customer feedback tools for you to be successful in making sense of all of it.

How to select the best customer feedback tool?

Most of the customer feedback tools will provide your company with the best features to get that competitive edge. I intentionally did not rank these tools in order from best to worst because each can be better suited for different companies' needs.

I suggest to ask the below questions when choosing your ideal customer feedback tool:

Who are your customers?

When your customer is a professional in another industry working on a complex product then more likely they’ll provide you with in-depth feedback. That feedback will help you to improve your product features so that they can use them consistently.

Handling these feedbacks are crucial. will be the right customer feedback tool to handle such types of feedback from your customers.

How will your customers communicate for support?

First of all, I would like to analyze how your customers reach out for help. Mostly, when a support request arrives, it is not because something is broken, but rather the customer is facing difficulty using your product and needs assistance with the same.

Eventually, these support requests are a form of feedback. You'll then want to pick tools that will assist in collecting and organizing these requests. These can also be achieved in


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