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What is product service management?

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Karthik Kamalakannan

Product service management is a new term that has been increasing in popularity recently. Product managers across the globe across various industries are now sub-categorizing the way they look at work for each industry.

What is product service management?

Product service management is the process of creating, prioritizing, and shipping services related to a product for their customers. People who are involved in such product service management roles are a different kind of product managers who focus majorly on the services aspects of their product.

Most product service management roles are tightly aligned to the current market conditions.

Role of product service manager (PSM)?

The role of a product service manager is quite similar to what a product manager would do in a company. But the role of PSM varies when it comes to business alignment, targets, and deliverables.

6 responsibilities of product service managers (PSM)

  1. Constantly analyze market conditions by collecting customer feedback
  2. Write product requirements document to align the team towards customer needs
  3. Align the engineering team and business towards customer needs
  4. Help customers adapt new features
  5. Manage feature requests from customers
  6. Always ensure customer satisfaction is at its highest

How different is product service management from product management

The product service management vs product management debate has been picking up some heat off-late. Here are the major differences between product service management and product management:

Product Service ManagementProduct Management
Customer-first approach to business alignmentProduct-first approach to business alignment
Creates a relationship with customers for further expansionCustomer relationship is tied to product features
Best suited for large-scale product suitesBest suited for smaller products or niche products
Constantly analyzes market trendsAligned towards customer needs

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