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5 things to do when you have too many feature requests and you can’t decide

We live in a world with a paradox of choices and concluding a decision quickly is hard.

How to use customer feedback to find product market fit for your SaaS startup

Finding the product-market-fit for your startup is probably the first target you would have in mind while building your company.

How to categorize your customers to get feedback for your product

Gathering timely feedback from customers can be extremely painful. hellonext makes it faster and easier for you to collect feedback in a beautiful, simple way.

5 things to consider before taking customer feedback to your engineering team

It is given that customer feedback is essential for any product. The feedback becomes even more valuable when you receive it from a customer who has used your product to solve their problem.

Importance of feedback for a product

Every organization has a goal which is the destination. To reach the destination, you need to discover the correct route to travel and that is feedback.

Growing hellonext from 0 to 100

hellonext just signed up our 100th organization this month and it honestly couldn’t have been possible without the power of community and the help of our friends and customers.

Fixing a broken feedback system

Only when the feedbacks stack up from all over the place, we’d realize that it’s time, the feedbacks should be organized.

Connect the dots with feedback

Receiving feedback through various channels will be hard to manage so it is important to create a single channel through which you can receive all the feedback.

How to gain the customer’s trust through feedback?

Earning trust from customers is not a final result, it is an endless process. You need to keep working on it every time to have consistency.

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