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  • Creating a compelling product backlog and managing it like it’s a product will provide you with more significant insights on what you’re building next. This article covers the five ideal ways of doing it effectively. Read on.
  • Looking for a feature prioritization tool that covers most of your needs? Here are Hellonext top 8 use-cases (of many) that help your prioritization job extremely simple yet effective. Read on.
  • Product roadmaps are essential for your product success. If you’re confused about creating a perfect product roadmap that suits you, here are the four roadmap examples that can help you to create an effective one for you. Read on.
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    Keep your feed simple with hide posts

    Keep your feedback boards simple and tidy for your customers for feature voting. You can now hide posts that you think are not relevant, but still interact with them in private.
  • Published on

    Announcing a Renewed Dashboard

    Admin panel is like never before now! The new version has all the filters and bulk actions that you have all been wanting for so long.
  • Published on

    Announcing Internal Comments

    Comments support conversation on the posts easily and with the introduction of ‘Internal Comments’ teams can add comments, notes, share updates, etc in one place.

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