Building Hellonext | 21 July, 2022

What's new: User roles, Archive Boards, and more

Hellonext, Inc.

Karthik Kamalakannan

Today, we're thrilled to announce some of the most exciting features to all our customers. Let me quickly tell you what's new, and what's coming next for you.

Customer Support Manager User Role

With the new update today, we're introducing a brand new role which helps scale-up companies manage feedback even better, and faster. We've written everything you need to know about Customer Support Manager (CSM) user role on Hellonext here ↗

Archive Boards

You can now archive your feedback boards, which allows you to not show these boards from showing up for your users. The new Archived Boards feature is now available to customers on all Hellonext paid plans.

Archiving a Feedback Board on Hellonext is quite simple. Go to your Board settings and you will find a brand new "Archive Board" option.

Enable Archived Feedback Boards on Hellonext

Filter URLs

Starting today, when you apply a filter from your Admin Dashboard, Hellonext generates a unique URL that you can share with your team to apply the same filter that you have applied. This saves a ton of time for you, and your team to be able to share filters on your Hellonext account.

This is a pre-feature to Saved Filters feature that we are working on this week.

Wide Range of Sorting Options

You can take a look at the posts on your dashboard from different perspectives using our revamped and new sorting options. And once again the sorting you set generates a standalone URL that you can share with your team for analysis!

And there's so much more...

Of course, we did not stop with new features. In the past two weeks, we've made over 150 improvements to the platform, with a ton of performance optimizations. There's so much more coming up in the next few days, and I can't wait to share that with you again.

P.S.: This post was first published on Hellonext's Changelog Portal ↗

Last updated: December 6th, 2022 at 10:08:37 AM GMT+0

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Karthik is the Founder of Hellonext. He has helped prioritize customer feedback to build great products since 2006. Today, he helps product companies build data-informed products with Hellonext.

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