New Feature: Emoji reactions for comments on Hellonext

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Thousands of people come to Hellonext to express their thoughts about the products they love. Users request features that they think will help them handle their work or lives better.

Thousands of conversations happen on Hellonext about new product features, product improvements, bugs, design and so much more. Some users are better at writing their thoughts, but some are better at emoji-flying their thoughts.

We are incredibly proud to announce that users and admins can now respond to a comment via emojis.

We believe that this new feature will allow the admins to see clearly about what the users are needing them to do with their products, all with less noise.

The new emoji feature is being rolled out to domains on Hellonext and everyone should have access to this feature in the days to come. We’re looking forward to seeing how the Hellonext community uses these emoji reactions.

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