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Making Your Customer Feedback Tool More Accessible to Your Customers

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Malarvizhi V

Everyone wants to lead a healthy life; if your grocery shop is far from your home, you would buy veggies and stuff for a week and preserve it. But, if you have a grocery shop near your house, it is very convenient, and you will get daily fresh veggies, and it becomes regular for you.

Likewise, we can apply the same grocery shop purchase principle when gathering user feedback with Hellonext or any other user feedback tool. If people feel not so comfortable sharing feedback, you won’t be hearing from them regularly. If so, it automatically reflects in your product improvement. But if you make it simple to provide feedback, they’ll be more excited to share their thoughts regularly!

Let’s see some significant and most straightforward ways for customers to provide substantial feedback regularly.

Encouraging users to give product feedback

Adding a link within your product is the best that will drive the maximum of your traffic—the primary advantage of suggesting this in 1st place because it is relatively simple to do.

So, if you have very little time to do something else, including links within your product is the better way to go.

All you need to do is place those links strategically. Check out for the exact places where someone is outside of the routine workflow.

For example, if a customer is in the settings menu or on a support page. They’ll be most likely thinking about the product itself and checking for the way to utilize it.

Here’s where you need to fix the feedback links and make it easy to provide feedback.

It’s also a better idea to include another link to places where you require more feedback, such as in the new features testing areas.

Likewise, you want to make the user’s job extremely simple where they find the feedback link in front of their eyes when they need it, instead of scrolling down to the page and search for the contact options.

Your customer-facing team will be thankful for it. You are easily able to see the changes, much more support tickets received are just feedback requests raised by customers.

2. Centralize all customer inputs

People always want to work with the tool they know. After some time, it can be complex to see another tool or dashboard to get used to it.

Here’s where the integrations make the job easier. Most customers don’t need to spend the time researching how to use an entirely new tool. But, integration just takes a couple of minutes and simply adds extra value to the tools they’re using already in their routine.

With syncing the tools via integration, you also get the advantage of managing all your customer feedback via your preferred tool. Hellonext allows you to connect with more than 2000+ tools with Zapier.

Pro tip: You can learn more about Hellonext integrations here. Also, check out this article to gain more insights on how to use Hellonext for customer-facing teams.

3. Utilize upvote on your customer behalf within your product

Not the most suggested option for the customer, but one that is simple and you can’t miss it. You can vote on features on behalf of your customers (Try Hellonext).

A better option for sales interactions and very useful in the situations where you just need to include a people vote and provide regular updates manually.

It is that simple, just add the person’s email address and add their vote. They will be getting email notifications about every move of that particular post.

4. Collect feedback via a simple URL

You’d be excited at how much customer feedback you get when you simply request it. Sending out a simple link in your email newsletter can get a customer to your feedback board and makes it easy for them to submit feedback. The direct product feedback link in the email is more potent than directing people just to your platform.

But the crucial thing is you should not rely on a one-time invitation. Gathering feedback needs to be a routine process, so keep sending the link frequently and request the feedback but not spam. If they get annoyed, they don’t even open your emails.

Whenever appropriate, just add a Hellonext link if you need to hear from your customers!

Use your product feedback strategies

The better products are the thing that adapts to you. In a similar approach, adapt to your customer’s preferences. Give importance to the culture that you’ve accomplished already. Utilize your strategies or make use of the ones mentioned earlier to make it simple.

Not every customer will be the same as you think. Some prefer to click on an email link, others not even active email users. Some are happy to interact directly. Luckily, whatever the way might be, you have options to deal with it.

Crucial take away: Making it simpler to provide feedback will get you more meaningful feedback. So, make it simple for customers to access your customer feedback tool.

More effective feedback will give you better project management. Better project management will drive you to build a better product. It’s why teams trust Hellonext to give their customers an easy way to give product feedback. Hellonext's feedback boards are easy to setup, share, and centralize product feedback.

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