In-app Feedback Basics Every Product Owner Must Know

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What is in-app feedback? Why should we collect it? What are its benefits? Find out everything about in-app feedback and top 3 in-app feedback tool suggestions that you should try in this article. This article will help you build your insights on gaining a user's perspective on your product and build a product your customer will want to use. Let’s go.

If you want to capture your users’ overall views, pain points along with their specific requests, in-app feedback is the best way to do it. Having an in-app feedback system is the ideal way to collect data and interact with your users easily. Lets see more about it in detail.

What is in-app feedback

We all know collecting feedback is one of the most important parts of any software development process. From which, we get to know about the user experience, what they want, what are the flaws and how we can improve the product. And In-app feedback makes this process effortless. It allows your users to share their experience instantly.

In other words, in-app feedback is most essential for the developers to shorten the process, and the time to receive feedback. With in-app feedback, submitting feedback is made possible for the user just by clicking a button or a pop-up. If you want your product to have customer-driven development then, In-app feedback is the key.

Reason to use in-app feedback

The most important reason why you need to have In-app and on-site feedback collection is that it's more effective since they take place where your users actually are. The problem with the traditional method of collecting feedback is that the response rates are very low. But with in-app feedback, you can overcome this challenge as they never have to leave the app. When the number of steps to give feedback is less, the response rates tend to go higher. This way you not only collect more feedback, but you also increase the users’ time on the app.

Benefits of in-app feedback

Valuable data insights from in-app surveys can benefit your team in many ways. It helps and guides various teams, including marketing, product development and to measure customer success and satisfaction.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • Let your users know that you value their feedback.
  • Get to know extensive feedback data about specific features.
  • Effective product roadmap prioritization.
  • Speed up the process of identifying user pain points
  • Get new features ideas for the next release.
  • Validate user experience
  • Understand app usage from users point of view
  • Identify happy, unhappy and loyal users.
  • Avoid churn
  • Enhance user retention.
  • Aids in better monetization and pricing strategy.

Best in-app feedback tools


Hellonext is a customer feedback management tool with sophisticated features which allows the users to vote on features, create and manage private and public feedback boards, feedback post status, Guest Voting, changelog, publish product roadmaps, feedback widgets, Integrations and much more.

Using the feedback widget, you can embed your feedback boards to your own site. Your users can give feedback without getting redirecting somewhere else. Here’s how you can start integrating now! Another way is to integrate hellonext to your users existing app ecosystem. We have integrations to Slack, Intercom, Zapier, Todoist, Github, Trello and more!


UserVoice allows you to easily collect, evaluate customer feedback. This is popular with Slack, Marketo, Azure DevOps, Hubspot and Microsoft Dynamics 365. It collects feedback without any interruption from the customers using its in-app widget and API. You can also allow the users to know about the development process by notifying them about their feedback status whether it's in development or beta run or if it's been launched.


Using Mopinion you can visualize what users do by obtaining feedback from your apps with their effortlessly easy-to-install SDKs for Android and iOS . This helps for efficient decision making and a profound digital strategy. Mopinion gains feedback in real-time with their customisable feedback forms.


In-app feedback increases the user engagement which inturn increases the amount of quality feedback. The more feedback you get, the more you can know about your product from a user’s point of view. If you have 10,000 users, it is important to collect feedback from all the users, not just from 100 users and In-app feedback can help you with that. The feedback received will be more accurate and practically helpful.


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