How to manage feature requests and ideas for your game?

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No matter what game you are building, you need to listen to your gamers. Today, it is all the more important, to provide a safe place for your gamers to request new features for your game. Today, Hellonext has been helping thousands of companies gather customer feedback and allow their users to upvote on new ideas to know what to build next.

There are multiple forms of feedback that you can collect from your users (gamers) -- new feature requests, bug reports, supporting your game's upcoming features and so much more. But handling this would be super hard, when it comes to managing everything in different platforms. So, how do you organize your game's new feature upvotes or ideas in one centralized platform?

In this article, let me help you understand the best ways to organize your new feature requests, idea upvotes or bug reports for your games?

1. Give users a single place to submit feedback

As a game developer, you are providing an experience that people love already. Give them a way to easily provide feedback about your game. Companies like Abinteractive use this technique all the time to develop some of the most complex VR games online and the results have been staggering.

The moment a gamer knows that there is a way to request for features that would enhance the gaming experience, the number of feedback to improve your game goes up exponentially.

2. Keep users updated after they submit their feedback

Once a user submits a new feature request or upvoted an idea for a new character, keeping them updated about the new feature or idea they supported is crucial. Knowing that you cared about a gamer's request, and you made the game better improves engagement.

Choose a good feedback management platform that will allow you to keep your gamers updated every time you update a feature request that your users submitted.

3. Work with your team internally on upcoming features

Building new features is time consuming. Especially when you are a indie game developer. Choosing what to build next for the users and keep them engaged in the game is one of the biggest thing you're going to be focusing on. As your users submit new game features that they would love to play, it becomes all the more difficult to prioritize what to invest your time in first.

Use a Private Board to prioritize what to build next. Invite your teams or closed beta gamers to try out the features you are building.

4. Publish a release note whenever there is an update

As you release new features, allow your users a unified place to subscribe to release notes for them to know what is new in the game you are building. Use a tool that will allow you to move the feature requests into a release note (change log), and get things done quickly, still giving users the best experience to know what new update has been pushed to the game.

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