How to use customer feedback to find product market fit for your SaaS startup

How to use customer feedback to find product market fit for your SaaS startup

Finding the product-market-fit for your startup is probably the first target you would have in mind while building your company. Especially in SaaS, where the CEO acts as the sales person for the product, she/he would realize that the faster you identify your PMF, the better it is to scale the business.

This quick post is for those who have identified their first 20 customers, and have a pretty good communication relationship with them.

It is important for the CEO of a brand new SaaS company to consistently talk to their customers. The reason is simple:

  1. To gather insightful feedback
  2. Understand what they want
  3. Understand how to price the product
  4. Keep them in loop about the developments
  5. Deal with the pain-points the customers might have currently

At hellonext, our goals is to not help startup CEOs and Product Managers build great products, but also to make the customers feel that they are product collaborators.

There are some powerful ways in which you can make your customers product collaborators:

  1. Make them put as little effort as possible to provide feedback
  2. Offer free access to the product
  3. Give them credits to their feedback
  4. Keep them in loop with what is happening

When we started hellonext, the first thing we did was to talk to as many early users as possible. This helped us shape the product easily and to something the customers want.

Let us help you with frictionless customer feedback

We created hellonext to make customer feedback frictionless. Hundreds of hours of work has gone in thinking about how the process can be simplified so you can adopt the platform easily. We cannot wait to see you grow with us.

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