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Pre-launch product feedback process for product managers

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Deeksha Asiwal

Engaging your audience with your product in the market can be one of the most important aspects of the product development process. But, have you ever thought about having this done before the launch of your product?

A pre-release product feedback can be crucial for a successful product. One good thing is that those who end up becoming the early users of your product will always be more than willing to give you feedback.

As the product owner, you should aim to score that ticket for that feedback premiere.

This initial feedback can be a game-changer in figuring out the pulse of the customer user base.

It becomes insuperably imperative to find ways to solicit and amalgamate customer feedback into your development process.

Early birds sharing the worm with you

This feedback loop will allow you to identify bugs, design flaws and even find marketing opportunities for your product. You might score on something pivotal as decluttering and updating the microcopy of your feature workflow and adding onto the elements into your solution to make it more appealing to your consumers.

This feedback will even be able to show you what the people are feeling, the specific likes and dislikes of your consumers, figure out their mean age.

Find the eager-beavers

When you are launching your product and you find that sample group to have your product pre-launch to, you will find yourself with people who are super adaptable of the technology you are hoping to market. They will have a large understanding of the technology sector as well as a higher risk tolerance. They will be able to foresee new uses for your product or the trend that might be dominating the market that you are targeting.

The individuals will be able to accept newer technologies since they have the requisite knowledge, interest and the know-how to provide you valuable and sincere information.

Count your eggs before they reach the basket

The most important and incredible are the ways in which people receiving early access and using your product will be able to show how the interaction plays out with your target audience. You may discover that some features or buttons are useless and are better left out due to their unproductiveness.

Or on the other hand you would be able to pinpoint on features that you had no idea could be used for your product! You might end up discovering ways in which to really grab onto that user base because you will have first hand information from the users on what it is that they want working out for their needs.

How should you procure this early feedback?

Step 1.

Incite individuals to leave feedback right after a demo

Once you have released your product to your demo audience, the most important issue ends up being extracting the feedback as soon as the demonstration has been completed.

After finishing your demo, you absolutely must ask your future uses to share their initial impressions, suggestions and feedback.

Step 2.

A fragmented email campaign should include surveys

Building an email list to capture early feedback is going to be an important part of your development process. You should be including a survey call to action that will allow you to offer multiple options to help you fragment among your early users.

It is said that segmenting your mailing list is key. If you end up sending the same email to everybody who is working on your product, you will not receive specialized feedback that could make or break your dream.

You could do a good job by sending over personalized email campaigns to different user groups. An individual will see your email and actually pay attention to your work if it were personalized to them, apart from being incredibly impressed.

Some of the best practices to follow will be to keep the survey short, and adding only relevant questions.

One more thing that could lead to good results would be to keep open-ended questions to obtain accurate results from your users.

A quick tip on those who do not answer your questions would be to resend that email using a different email address or just sending in a follow up until that answer is received. This should be done in a non-annoying manner of course, reminding them that this is incredible and valuable feedback that you are grateful to receive from them.

Step 3.

Another super useful favor you can do to yourself and to your users would be to embed a whole feedback management tool into your product. This is where we come in. Hellonext will provide you with a seamless integration and a user feedback platform that is both powerful and easy to use.

This will make sure that you will have a way to leave over suggestions without any disruption to the user’s own experience. With a feedback tool like Hellonext, you can be assured that your users will be more encouraged to leave the feedback that they realize through actively contributing to the product space.

Step 4.

Harnessing the use of social media will be explosive in terms of making your feedback an extension of your feedback conversation. This will give your contributors an opportunity to benefit from discussions from not only you and your team but also fellow users. This calls for a fantastic way to engage with your users, get to know them and of course also get great feedback.

This is a great opportunity to create a loyal community around your product and your brand. Especially if you are to use social media, which is readily available for everyone to use, you create a channel for communications and analysis for your own product and offer valuable insights.

A good point to hammer on in with the use of public channels would be you showing off the level of transparency that you are comfortable with in your brand.

Step 5.

Lastly, a good idea to follow would be to have one on one conversations with your early contributors. You will be surprised to find how many people would be happy to vocally interact with you and give you an unbiased perspective on what needs improvement.

You would realize that there are some users who would be able to demand features which you wouldn’t even have considered.

Any sort of meeting that you are going to have with those who work through your product will provide you with an immense amount of valuable information.

You will have to put your active listening cap on while partaking in a meeting like this. You can build conversation with your users and expand on topics that you would like to get into the depths on.

What is the next step to get product feedback?

Having several people do brainstorming sessions is incredibly useful. Since that can be done by simply having people work through your product before an official launch. You will end up discovering things that you are have never even thought about your product and end up gaining significant confidence when you launch it to the wider public.

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