5 ways to encourage customers to give feedback for your product

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In the world of product management, the product manager’s mantra is “Always request for the feedback.” Feedback is the heart of a successful product and luckily, there are various ways to engage with users recurrently that will help you to increase the amount of product feedback you receive. In this article, I will provide you with some tips and tricks for getting more significant feedback for products.

Hellonext’s most powerful customers employ a combination of the following tips and tactics to enlarge customer engagement for continuous feedback. So, they always have a more significant supply of customer-oriented product ideas and get to know their real needs and accurate ideas on what to build next.

Improve customer experience by making them submit feedback Easy

The customer’s priority is to have a neat experience with a quick and easy way to submit feedback, and many will get annoyed if it’s too hard to submit. Design your page with simple UI, make it easy and effective for them to submit feedback by:

  • Mentioning a prominent “Feedback” link in your website that directs customers to your feedback forum is one of the effective ways. Instead, making them search your place to provide you feedback.
  • Installing the Hellonext feedback widget with a visual call-to-action will help customers submit feedback directly.
  • Prompting customers to add their thoughts by fixing the widget to feedback about what their needs are.
Why it is crucial to get customer feedback for your product

Make submitting feedback easy for customers as Hellonext does.

Request for Feedback Through Your available communication channels

You can wisely make use of your available customer communication channels to request customers to provide their feedback.

  • Newsletters: If you have an organization newsletter, include a description of wanting to hear from customers and direct them to your forum by adding links there.
  • Product Release Notes: Including a link to your forum at the end of your announcement or hyperlinking completed idea notes back to those ideas in your forum are the best ways to target users who care most about your new feature releases.
  • Email: Some Hellonext customers also email their users directly, letting them know how they can provide feedback, and most of them include a link to their forums in their email signature. After getting feedback from customers, don’t set it aside without responding to the back. A thank you note will build strong relationships between you and your customers.

Utilize your Social Media Channels to promote your Desire for More Feedback

If your customer group is active on social media channels, engage them with your product updates. Tweet the ideal “call to action” for feedback. Add a section on your Facebook page that directs users to your feedback forum. Don’t miss your blog. Let your user group know that you require their feedback, and describe how that feedback makes it into your product roadmap and what they can hope in terms of product updates.

Tweet about your product feedback channels frequently as much as possible.

Why it is crucial to get customer feedback for your product

Promote blogs/articles/newsletters about your product updates without fail.

Why it is crucial to get customer feedback for your product

Create a wholesome Customer Feedback routine

Customers who sense their feedback is not only heard but also brewing with meaningful changes will likely to continue submitting valuable feedback. The better way to let them know you are listening is by updating your feedback statuses on a routine basis. While some organizations make a hobby of updating statuses for each idea that’s been visible for a certain period like 2 months max. Others ensure all ideas with certain powerful supporters receive a notification about an update. There’s no bad methodology for updating idea statuses, unless not doing it!

Why it is crucial to get customer feedback for your product

Like this, don’t forget to update your feature statuses whether it is progress or review or completed.

Develop your forum to get the feedback flowing

If you are a new user of Hellonext, I would suggest developing your forum with feedback that was submitted through customer communications or email, ideas your development team is actively developing, or feedback your executive team wants to get a place in the suggestion box. Most of the customers don’t want to be the first customer to submit feedback, so developing your forum with roadmap ideas will get your customers involved from the start.

As we know We all need customers who will give us meaningful feedback. That’s the better way we improve. Your customers have a loud voice and they need to provide you with feedback and expect to be heard. So, ensure your customers and users know just how much you value their feedback. By showcasing our best practices for valuable customer feedback, you can multiply the gift of that feedback could give you. Feedback is only the better way you could sustain with stable product-market fit.

Start your feedback journey for free with Hellonext! We are glad to offer you the best service by gathering all your meaningful feedback that is your real game changer!


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