How to gain the customer’s trust through feedback?

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“Sales is not about selling anymore, but about building trust and educating”

-Siva Devaki

Spotlight Customer Feedback

“ Instead of focusing on competition, focus on the customers ”

  • Scott D Cook

Customer feedback are as important as how we need food to live. So feedback are paramount to keep your organization alive. Focusing on customer feedback can give you insights to build innovation. Be available and make resources available for customers to give their ideas, feedback and feature requests. Interact more with your customers to understand better about their requirements and know about the difficulties they are facing. When you focus on customer difficulties, you build great products.

Create a forum where customers can post questions and you can answer them. This forum will act as a knowledge sharing platform for customers, employees, entrepreneurs and first-time managers. This way you get a clear vision on what to work on. When you respond to customers, you get their trust which helps in creating a deeper bond with your customers. Addressing customer needs will increase your customer lifetime value. Fundamentally, Customer feedback is the key to unlock success and success is happier customers with a better positive experience.

For Example., Apple conducts NPS surveys to make the customer experience better.

Southwest airlines use social media to address customer travel concerns.

Zappos provides personalized service to customers using the phone

Salesforce has created a platform called IdeaExchange for collecting customer feedback. They make their customers valued by individually thanking them for their ideas.

Do Honest Product Advertising

“The best advertising is done by satisfied customers

-Philip Kotler

When you follow and work on customer feedback, you can improve and deliver more than a positive experience. Even if you have a small number of customers, your service will reach to a larger crowd. Do you know how? It’s because when a customer gets a better experience with a product, he/she automatically share their experience with others.

As Jeff Bezos said,

“If you do good for one customer, they will tell 100 customers”.

Customers become your loyal promoters and marketer when you value their ideas and feedback. Customers will be very much excited than you when they use a feature request they requested for so they tend to promote your products to a larger number of people.

Customers nowadays share their experience of using products on social media which is the perfect medium to promote your products. When they recommend your products to others, it goes like a butterfly effect which helps you grasp a huge crowd. This eases your marketing challenges thereby increasing productivity and your organization’s reputation.

Creating Product Loyalty

Product loyalty is how loyal and dedicated your customers are in buying your products regardless of your competitor’s products. Customers will remain loyal only when they have a positive experience with your products. Continuing to buy your product for a long-term in spite of the changes in technology and culture is a challenging one. You should continuously update your product according to the changing trends. And even this is done so easily with customer feedback.

Customers will help you cope up with the constantly changing technology where there are probabilities for your products to be the new trend in the world. This happens only when you highly value your customers and stay dedicated and flexible with their feedback. Conduct customer surveys to learn better about your customers. Help them with their needs to keep your connection and loyalty strong with your customers.

Add Value to your Customers

Customers are the lifeline for your organization. Give the highest priority to your customers. Mention about them in your company websites. Respond and thank every loyal customer who gave insights to make you build better products and deliver a better experience.

Thus by following these important steps, customer feedback helps you retain your customers trust in a loop and every time the loop runs, it gives out excellent products and better positive user experience. This way you can even produce zero failed products and features.

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