How to Choose the Best Feedback Software in 2021

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    Deeksha Asiwal

If you are anything like us, you also spend nearly two hours every evening trying to decide what to eat for dinner. One could argue it might be more difficult trying to gaiety inside our own minds trying to understand what we want to eat instead of actually making said dinner. It's almost dinnertime. We are hungry. And being the responsible Adult™ that we are, someone needs to figure out what to eat before getting down to veritably making it. But we digress, the point we are trying to make is, wouldn't it be so much easier if it was easier to look into someone’s brain and figure out what they want? It's rather difficult trying to determine what we want for ourselves. Surely it must be just as difficult, if not more, trying to figure out what the person in front of you wants. More importantly, it gets even more challenging to understand what the customer of your product wants.

This is where customer feedback comes in handy!

Think of it this way, instead of trying to dig out your clairvoyant abilities, it's best to hear directly from the mouth of the horse.

While securing that sweet feedback, what becomes more important is that you think about collecting contextual feedback that would allow you to make tangible goals towards working to upgrade your product and yield higher revenue and better customer retention.

One of the best advantages of living in the tech world in 2021, is that we have softwares readily available to use for performing such delicate yet methodological exercises. So, whether you have just started thinking about using customer feedback softwares for your firm or  even when you are planning to switch to a better one,we are going to endevor to help you to learn how to select the best one for your business.

Let's get down to it then.

What do we mean when we say Customer Feedback?

Customer feedback is information that is provided by customers themselves about their experience with a product or service.

Its main purpose is to explain their level of satisfaction. This will be able to help your product, customer success, and marketing teams understand where there is room for improvement. Companies can collect customer feedback proactively by polling and surveying customers, interviewing them, or by asking for reviews. Teams can also collect feedback by providing users a place in the product where they can share comments, complaints, or compliments.

The people with the best knowledge of your product are without a doubt your users, or your customers. When we are able to look through the activities and experiences of these users, we will be able to identify the reasons for outcomes which occur much more easily. In this way, collecting customer feedback will be the best option to avail the expert knowledge that is present among your team in order to create a better product, a better service and ultimately, better sales for your enterprise.

What do we think are the advantages of collecting Customer Feedback?

(i) Our best bet to understanding what drove your customer to visit your website is to learn exactly what brought them there. You may be able to extract why they are looking for a particular product, as well as explain how exactly they want it.

(ii) At the same time, you also need to figure out what dissuades your customers from using your website. Making use of open-ended questions such as “How easy was it to check out the products in your cart?”, etc will let you know how much effort a customer has to put in order to realise a sale for your product, and what will stop them, if anything.

(iii) Another good idea would be to figure out how to keep a customer - that is, how to make sure you they repeat coming through and browse through your services.  Once you are able to receive feedback from your customer about what exactly convinced them to stay and finish their purchase, you will be able to replicate and leverage it in order to increase your conversion rates.

Now, let's come to the next part - choosing the right customer feedback software for your business. We are going to go ahead and list the customer feedback softwares that we find the best in terms of a holistic approach to collecting and also examining the feedback that has been collected:



SurveySparrow is what can be called a continuous improvement platform. Here, the customer feedback loop can be brought to a closure, with an insistence on decoding evert issue at each round. What’s more, the platform has now introduced a video survey to take the engagement level a notch higher.



Typeform is a rather popular feedback collection tool, thanks to it’s somewhat simple and likable survey solutions. Typeform is really useful for embedding additional elements such as videos and images, and the interactive, one question at a time format of survey experience has many fans. When looking for a comprehensive solution, Typeform shines as a very user-friendly interface to put the surveys together.



SurveyMonkey is used by millions of websites and businesses worldwide. The reason for that lies in the many features the software provides for creating surveys. Its solution provides useful features such as automated reporting, permission controls for easy data sharing, and an entire set of customization tools that allow you to tune your survey to your brand’s identity. It also has a high reach in the industry and can be integrated with almost 100 apps and plugins.



One tool that has configured the simplicity of user feedback and used it to its advantage is Hotjar. It takes this imaginative approach where it is able to visually approach to record the customer feedback. What it does is, use heat maps which help you identify how users are scrolling, moving, and clicking - and you can even choose to see exactly how your visitors are navigating your website through visitor recordings. Hotjar’s conversion funnels help you find where your visitors are dropping off, and in turn how you can reduce bounce rate.



At this point, we aren’t even going to apologize for any bias, because without a doubt, you our dearest reader, should be able to have the best for the last!

We know how daunting it can be to really dig your heels in and try to come up with perceptive ways to collect customer feedback. It is also not lost on us on how that big data can only be useful once it has been applied to better your product and your services for your users.

We offer you our homegrown customer feedback collection software - Hellonext! Here we offer you ingenious ways to go about collecting, as well as analyzing the feedback that has been collected. We take pride in our work and our mission towards streamlining the ways in which big data can be used with ease for your business.

We have various ways that show the simple steps in which we streamline your user feedback collection effort. Hellonext is a feature voting and customer feedback management tool for product owners and SaaS companies.

With Hellonext, you can have your product’s own feedback portal where users can share their feedback or suggestions about your product or service. You also get to keep those users updated with information about how you are addressing their feedback.

We can help you get a superfast start, and everything is promised to flow as freely from the get-go. Once you sign up with us, you can start collecting feedback right away, directly from your users by using our dynamic feedback boards.

We mold everything around you and your brand at the center - you will be able to customize your entire firm page and replicate your brand over on our platform so that it is a true extension of you.

And to make matters even better, we are proud owners of a zero tracking policy, so that your data is yours to keep!

We will also provide you round-the clock assistance, in which we take your own suggestions too! It’s almost like we like to use Hellonext to make Hellonext better ;)

If all of this is not enough, we have a one month free trial, to give you a nice look and feel of what to expect when you give our platform a chance.

Customer feedback, in this day and age, is an incredibly imperative task that has to be taken up by any firm that wishes to make a lasting impression for itself. The feedback that you collect, will not only deepen your understanding of your customers, but also provide a stage for you to build longer-lasting customer relationships.

A customer feedback software will take you miles ahead, leading to happier customer, happier (and more focused) teams as well as a happier turnover!

As always, we will recommend you start your pursuit of happiness by choosing a software that makes both customer feedback collection and the feedback analysis process easier for you, like Hellonext!


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