How to categorize your customers to get feedback for your product

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For a customer, answering a feedback question is a lot tougher than asking them.

When you are ready to ask a few questions to your users for feedback, it is important for you to know who you ask.

We worked with some of our customers to understand how they categorize their users and value their time:

  • New users; users who signed up just now or too new to the platform;
  • Startup customers; users who are just starting up and using your product to grow their business;
  • Enterprise customers; users who belong to large enterprises and are using your product to improve their business process or an existing process;
  • Heavy feedback customers; customers who are giving you a ton of feedback and are super enthusiastic about your product;
  • Inactive customers, returning; customers returning to your product after a long time;
  • Long-term customers; customers who have been silently using your product as it is and enjoying the features you are rolling out without a query;

We are incredibly passionate about making customer experience as smooth as possible, and is the beginning of that journey.

Before you ask feedback to your customers, ask that question yourself. You will know how easy or difficult it is to answer to that question.


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