How Customer Feedback can help you in Crafting Product Success?

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Releasing your SaaS product is just the starting stage, the whole idea of crafting a SaaS brand depends on developing continuous value for your customers and recurrently improving your platform. But how can you do it and ensure that your software changes are a hundred percent in line with your customers’ requirements?

You could run Product market strategies and conduct long research to learn more about the things customers need and their expectations from your product. You could also design the roadmap and determine what features you need to build.

But there’s nothing more useful for developing your product with meaningful changes than simply hearing to your customers. Collecting customer feedback is the wise move you can make to keep customers engaged and interested in your SaaS product.

Just collect customers feedback they will make your product better

To make sure you have a top-notch SaaS product, you’ll want to analyze the whole product roadmap as a collaborative effort that involves your existing and paying customers. Here’s why:

You can’t determine every challenge your customers face

Although you’ve mapped out your powerful customers and you can align a big part of the issues they’re experiencing, you’ll still lack in finding important information. You can’t find exactly what struggles your customers would face and how your product can guide them to overcome these struggles. So by collecting their feedback, you’ll know what their real needs are and help understand your customers’ personas and their challenges, along with how you can find solutions for it.

Your customers analyze your product better than you do

Let’s say that you’ve released a SaaS product that helps the remote team to collaborate and clear their tasks. To make these teams work more effectively, you’ve included an in-app video chat to make sense of the office atmosphere when someone pops up behind the door with a question. However, you didn’t include a feature that permits people to turn on a do-not-disturb mode for the video chat when they need to focus on something without any interruption.

This doesn’t come under your view that people might need this feature so they didn’t receive calls or other disturbance out of the blue because they were trying to concentrate on their work. If you had collected customer’s feedback, you’d have surely known what to change and develop your SaaS product.

Showcase your customers that you care

The simplest thing is to combine a product roadmap and just go with it without worrying about the things your customers have to say. However, to get the customers who've paid for your SaaS product, take the various approaches, and showcase to them how much you value their feedback. There’s no other best way to do that than by encouraging them to submit their feedback.

Always promote two-way communication with your customers

People don’t want to be just idle consumers anymore—they need to be actively involved in the development process and contribute their feedback on your business. By collecting customer feedback, you can promote two-way communication, stay in touch, and develop a strong and meaningful relationship with them. This ultimately leads to brand advocacy and negotiates customer churns.

You’ll have a clear idea on how to make your product stronger

Who else can come up with the best ideas to develop your product than the customers who use it? Considering that they’ve invested in your product, they’ll want you to win and carry on including value to your product. So it’s worth hearing about their demands.

But how can you improve the well-dedicated feedback loop, in which you’re taking note of your customer’s feedback and comments? It’s pretty simple to collect customer’s feedback.

I will share some tips below to help you get started:

#1 Keep your customers updated that you hear their feedback

As we all know, not all SaaS organizations get their customers in the process of their product improvement, so customers are still not aware that their feedback or insights are precious for the company. But if you need to stand out and involve your customers, let them know that you’re excited to work on their feedback. include feedback survey boxes/feedback suggestion boxes in the lower part of the dashboard and request customers to give you some feedback and ideas on how to make a particular part of the product better.

How to use customer feedback for product success

#2 Make customers submit their feedback in the easiest way possible.

Think about how customer complaint software bugs. Can they include it in the platform? Or do they need to leave your product and compose an email, or go to your product page, write the bug report, then proceed with the actual work? You see, the second option adds so much rudeness that fewer customers will likely bother to report bugs or provide you with any feedback. So ensure they can do that inside the product not somewhere else.

Like this:

How to use customer feedback for product success

#3 Avoid confusions of recurring feedbacks include upvotes option

What should you do if you’ve gathered a lot of feedback? After all, you can’t add everything to the roadmap. How can you take off the bad advice and leave the crucial feedback?

The wise answer is “voting”. Think about all the times that you checked out the voting percentage of a book before paying for it or of a film before watching it. So invite your customers to connect with your platform not only by submitting their feedback but by taking an active part in the design of the roadmap and voting on the most crucial updates.

How to use customer feedback for product success

#4 Include the crucial customer feedback to your roadmap

The next step is to include your user customer into the roadmap. You want to be keen and clear, however. Apart from depending on customer feedback, you need your product vision. Then, you can keep the balance of the two, ensuring you’re crafting something that’s both satisfying with your initial vision and with your customers’ needs. And the perfect way to do that is by prioritizing the updates of customers' needs and selecting the right ones that relate to your product growth.

How to use customer feedback for product success

#5 Update your progress and celebrate it with your customers

Chances are that your customers won’t know that you heard their feedback if you don’t update it, so make your conversations with your customers a priority. Announce new updates, features, and bug fixes on changelog customers can visit.

Even better, you can have monthly emails to customers that mention all the latest product updates. Most of the customers won’t bother to check the changelog frequently but if you send your customers an email about the recent updates they will appreciate about product paying for, you’ll get the best clickthrough rate. Regardless of the conversation means you choose, ensure to keep your customers in the loop about your product.

Crucial takeaways

Gathering customer feedback is crucial in developing your product. By getting people to share their feedback about your product, you’ll collect the necessary insights that will help you keep generating value and improving your SaaS product better and better. So don’t skip this step, and start treating your customers as product co-owners by permitting them to co-create it with you and share in the product success.


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