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The perfect product teams are empowered by information: product acquiring stats, customer needs research, and customer feedback.

With this information, you can feel empowered to make the most crucial product decisions as a product manager. But, how?

This is where Hellonext comes into the picture; the product managers will now have easy access to this meaningful data; can make bold and confident decisions around the product.

This article will walk you through, why Hellonext is an ideal product management tool, and how it will make your job super easy as a product manager.

Earlier Product management methods before Hellonext

Your user base is growing and, as a result, more people will start providing feedback.

In the beginning stage, feedback is quite manageable. You or your user-facing team may receive feedback and record it is a basic system. Most often, it’s used to be a spreadsheet.

Hellonext product feedback management tool for SaaS products and Canny alternative

After some time, however, things start to get messy. Some people start updating the spreadsheet. Some people get lazy and don’t record the feedback they get because they are confused. Some people start their spreadsheets.

The spreadsheet worked well for a startup when your logs are a bit simple and easy to understand but now it is outdated and daunting.

There is not a better way that you can put that information to good use. Getting insights from a messy system is time-consuming and complex. You will just negotiate to take care of feedback at one point.

Today with Hellonext: Simple to collect, manage and take decisions based on product feedback

With Hellonext, your feedback is managed and organized in a single place. You quickly sense that you have a good grasp on what people need.

Now, collaborate feedback with usage information and customer research. You’ll be much bolder and confident in what your team decides to work on.

Analyzing what to prioritize

Product teams are a huge range.

Now, just imagine product teams decided to work on the wrong things. Working on the wrong things is hugely disappointing for your whole organization.

Analyzing the impact of different projects is quite challenging. Hellonext can help you to prioritize. And, guide you with a better roadmap.

Hellonext product feedback management tool for SaaS products and Canny alternative


  1. Public Bucket: Make Hellonext accessible within your product so your users have an easy place to provide feedback
  2. Private Bucket: Empower your customer-success team to track feedback that they hear from customers in Hellonext.

Whichever direction your team decides, you’ll get to the same result.

Hellonext product feedback management tool for SaaS products and Canny alternative


All your feedback is maintained and organized in a single place, organized under separate tags for each request. Users are allowed to comment on the requests.

Hellonext helps avoid duplicates by suggesting similar posts. This helps youtube make sure you have precise vote counts across all your feature requests. And also a downvote feature for you to decide which feature is the best to build next.

You’ll easily be able to identify which requests are in the demand and handle all the feature requests in the right way.

Hellonext product feedback management tool for SaaS products and Canny alternative


Users interested in a request will add their votes (upvote). This helps you to reach out with clarifying questions.

Hellonext product feedback management tool for SaaS products and Canny alternative

*Pro Tip: Get to know the questions you need to ask your customers so that you will have a clear view of your feature decision.*


Not all user requests are equal. Depending on your product goals, your team might want to focus on a particular type of user.

For example, premium users, versus trail users. Is your demanded feature coming from your premium user base or the trial users?

Unless you’re using a tool like Hellonext to organize and manage feedback, you’ll have no visibility into this.

Ultimately, understanding your user feedback will guide you to reach your end-goals. It will help you identify the impact of product decisions, based on what your overall goals are.

*Pro Tip: Here's a deeper dive into how we learned customer feedback in a hard way*.


Let your users know your product updates easily by using a changelog. This helps you to showcase you are improving your product in some meaningful way which provides them with real value. Closing your feedback curve by publishing a changelog will help you and others to know your product status.

Having a changelog is also better for your customer-facing team members. It helps them stay in touch with your product’s latest updates.

*Pro Tip: Here is the article for why a changelog tool is crucial and why you should have this for your organization.*

Hellonext product feedback management tool for SaaS products and Canny alternative


Being a product manager, you’re core responsible for communicating about decisions to important stakeholders. This includes both users as well as your team.

With Hellonext, you have easy status updates you can use to communicate progress. Posts that have a status viewed in a simple roadmap sequence.

If you are very confident about your decision add it to your feature release timeline, you can also add an ETA. This will help you to set excitement for both users and team members.

After releases set reality, publish it to your Hellonext Changelog. It’s better to make sure your potential customers are aware of your awesome new feature.

You can also add a widget so active users don’t miss your product update.


For an organization that has many product areas, feedback gets a lot more complex.

But, you’re the one responsible for a particular area, and only want to see relevant feedback. What do you do?



Boards are the highest level of organization. If your organization works on ideal products, boards are a better way to keep the feedback separate.

For example, your product is a marketplace. You can develop separate boards for the buyer product and the seller product. In this case, buyers are mostly not interested to see feedback about the seller's product. So, keeping two separate boards is helpful for everyone.

Check out this article on various feedback board use cases for other boards your team might want.


We suggest using tags if your product areas are not very unique. The feedback for every area will be mixed.

Hellonext product feedback management tool for SaaS products and Canny alternative

Then, you can filter posts to only show the ones you need to pay attention to.

Setting Hellonext up to suit your organization structure will save you a lot of time. You’ll have simple access to the feedback that directly reaches you.


Understanding and using customer feedback never feels like an impossible task.

Possible, Hellonext is made for product managers. We need you to feel bold and confident about your every product decision.

We genuinely believe that you want to listen to your users to build a perfect product and created to give the best for your team...

While product managers are a priority for us, your whole team will benefit from Hellonext.

Let’s say for an example:

The customer success team is a crucial layer between your users and the product team.

They get user feedback on a daily routine. They can record that information in Hellonext. They can also relay updates from the product team.

Hellonext creates a perfect flow of information. Customer-success teams can keep product teams updated on what are user needs in an organized, better way that product teams can benefit from.


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