Hellonext: An Ideal Tool For Marketing and Sales Teams

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Hellonext is a feedback tool that makes it simple for marketers and sales executives to understand their customers’ needs without investing much time.

Usually, product managers use feedback to make wise product decisions and to know “what feature to build next”.

Likewise, the customer-facing teams use a feedback tool to know their customer needs proactively and give their customers solid support.

So, How can feedback help with sales and marketing teams? Wondering how? Here you go for the benefits of Hellonext as your Marketing/Sales feedback partner. Hellonext can give incredibly valuable feedback suggestions.

Let’s uncover a few ways that marketing/sales teams can make use of Hellonext.

Maintain Track of Your Customer Needs

The marketing/sales process isn’t always smooth sailing. Your prospects will request special features that your product doesn’t currently support.

By adding their upvotes to Hellonext, your team can analyze the overall demand of the requested features.

Hellonext an ideal tool for marketing and sales teams

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Product development teams can see real customers who are excited about building specific features. They can prioritize features better with that meaningful data. The more excitement we get from customers, the more likely we’ll build better products.

This helps you to keep track of what your powerful customers are interested in easily.

From within Hellonext, you can see all the customers who have upvoted for features from this you can see whether the specific feature is requested by your power users or your guest users

Hellonext an ideal tool for marketing and sales teams

It’s a super reference to have when going on marketing/sales calls. As we know, personalization is very crucial in marketing/sales. Knowing what your customers have requested helps build a more personal relationship.

Showcase that you’re paying attention to them, that they’ve been heard, and create a changelog and showcase your customers that the feature they’re interested in is in the development stage.

Hellonext an ideal tool for marketing and sales teams

Create Marketing Opportunities Using Hellonext Feedback Loop:

Finding opportunities for a marketing feedback loop is just as crucial as how to make it work for you. Customers will mostly use social media to raise concerns about your products. Your potential customers will likely participate in your product discussions.

Instead of Collecting all feedback from various platforms and requesting feedback from users through all those resources. Hellonext helps you to have them all organized in a single platform. Which will make your and customers' jobs easy.

Our feedback loop helps you to collect constructive complaints directly from your customers. By this, you can come up with problem-solving strategies that help you to improve your content marketing and SEO efforts.

Using Hellonext To Improve SEO – UX Improvements

The biggest drawback to most companies’ web presence is the user experience, where it is the major key to improve your ranking across the web. The better way for companies to know how their UX improvements is through “direct feedback” from the customers those using it.

Here, Hellonext can be looped to the design team where the whole team can suggest ways to improve the website and to work on it. So, the result is a website with better user experience and improved search rankings.

Let Your Customers Be the Winners of What “Features” They Need

Most marketing/sales teams use Hellonext publicly. This lets customers speak for their needs.

This way, it’s not just you communicating to the product development team what customers need. They’ll be able to categorize actual customer needs and what is most important.

The product development team is continuously catching priorities. Being able to find the reason behind the request from customers is something very powerful. It makes sense of how crucial the request is, and decides should be prioritized and included in the roadmap.

Hellonext an ideal tool for marketing and sales teams

The whole New features shouldn’t be a record of testing whose voice is louder. Instead of you and other sales crew fighting to get new features built, use information. Analyzing feedback and feature requests received in Hellonext will make it simple to see what’s most valuable.

Increase Your Sales and Sign More Deals

Sounds excited, right? There are many marketing/sales tools and processes that help marketing/sales teams to do their perfect work.

Acquiring feedback on dedicated tools and processes is excellent. If they can be developed into successful builds, the entire marketing/sales team gets benefited.

Using Hellonext as a feedback tool for marketing/sales isn’t just about receiving or organizing customer feedback. You can also use Hellonext internally, to collaborate with feedback from your team.

Let’s say, for example, your team can maintain track of common suggestions that block a sale, like pricing and lack of specific features. If your team can work on countering the most common suggestions, you’ll have a firmer sales pitch and a higher possibility of closing.

Using Hellonext to track feedback for their product.

The fact here is to keep track of anything that includes movement to your marketing/sales process.

Without Hellonext, customers are having one-end conversations that are for no use. Customers feel the pain of exchanging feedback via common resources where they miss the sync with the team.

With Hellonext, you’ll be able to determine the most ideal initiatives. Other marketing/salespeople have tough times.

Stay Updated About Product Changes

The product development team always works hard to create perfect bug-free new features. To add little excitement to their customers, they’re sharing them on a public changelog.

Changelog status updates are not only for customers. Customer-facing roles, like marketing/sales, support teams can also gain an advantage from maintaining in the loop with the product.

Hellonext an ideal tool for marketing and sales teams

Especially for big teams containing more than 10, it happens for new features to go unnoticed. This can lead to a missed opportunity for marketing/ sales. These changes and new features might be highly valuable for your roles.

With Hellonext, you can easily take a look at the product changelog to notice new changes in your product.

You can also utilize your roadmap view to see what in the works. Maybe the product is already working on what your customers are requesting.

Hellonext an ideal tool for marketing and sales teams

Not only for marketing/sales - Hellonext completes the whole product management cycle where the entire product team gets benefited.

As a marketing/sales tool, Hellonext is there to amplify your voice.

We also help product managers, customer-facing teams..etc who all play a vital part in delivering a better product.

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This includes taking product decisions, as well as accomplishing your team’s marketing/sales processes. You’ll be more organized, more involved, and more manageable, and better able to work for both current and prospective customers effectively.

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