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A vital part of the customer support and success team is to ensure customers have the features they exactly need. You will bring great value to the product by adding customers' insights to it. Sometimes, it will be daunting for you to generate feedback from all the resources and handle it in the right way.

But think off, what if you had a dedicated tool for collecting feedback which makes your job simple and helps you in selecting the right insight? It’s pretty cool, right?

Yes, you have the right platform to do this effectively. Let us see how Hellonext will help you in making your job easy and effective!

As a customer-facing team executive, you will get user feedback for the entire day from many resources

  • Sometimes, the customers will request for a feature which doesn’t exist
  • Or, a feature is hard to find or complex to understand
  • And, your customers will always submit ideas for new features/updates they’d like to see from your product

In these times, customer success and support teams are the bridge between customers and the product development team.

It’s one of your key roles to identify the problem at hand and take it to your product team and discuss the solution.

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Strong communication relationship between customer-facing and product teams

Without Hellonext, customer feedback will be very complex to handle.

You may keep things in Google sheets that you use to log your customer requests. You may have communication with a responsible product manager via Slack.

Customer feature request management tool

Conversing with product managers is sporadic or hidden under the chats. Information can be lost and your customers remain unsuccessful.

With Hellonext, you have an organized, dedicated platform for managing customer requests. Hellonext is an important changelog where the product team can see the most important requests. They can then utilize that information to build their roadmaps.

For customer success and support, it means you can keep a record of your customers and all their feedback requests. You can find the status of each feedback and either update customers automatically.

Be the winner of your customer needs

With Hellonext, you can be the winner of customer needs.

It’s hard to remember and follow up on everything when it comes to feedback. And, also, you need to fight to be heard from customers.

With Hellonext, you’re letting your customer at the leading edge. The product team can find that they are actual customers who submitted a feature.

Instead of trying hard to remember the details of all the feature requests, you can include customer insights in a real-time manner. Upvote on Hellonext posts on their behalf and include any crucial customer requests, details, or specs.

Ultimately, nothing gets hidden and the product will hold everything at their fingertips.

Customer feature request management tool

If you’re a user of Intercom, it’s even simpler to keep track of customer requests. We have integrations with both platforms that permit you to log user feedback without leaving the product. And more integrations you’ll love!

Customer feature request management tool

In this way, you can make sure that the product development team will find the request, and your users will be kept in the loop.

Finish the feedback loop

There are two prominent ways you can use Hellonext to record customer feedback:

  1. Public mode:\ Add Hellonext within your product so your customers have an accessible place to submit feedback themselves.
  2. Private mode:\ Initiate your customer-support teammates to record feedback they get in customer communications on behalf of customers.

If you use Hellonext publicly, your users will get status changes updates automatically.

Pro tip: We have introduced a changelog feature for you to publish your important updates. Check out this article to know more about the changelog.

Customer feature request management tool

If you use Hellonext's private option, you’ll need to keep an eye on the roadmap. When posts are moved to complete, you will have several customers to follow up with.

Customer feature request management tool

Finishing the feedback loop is a better way to keep your customers engaged. It makes them think that you value their feedback most.

Together we create better products

Dance Celebrate Sticker by Mochimochiland

As your organization improves, it’s quite easy for product teams to get more disconnected from customers which leads to unwanted customer churns. A large number of users involved creates complexity and distraction.

This puts your whole company at risk. Not a good sign :(

Customer-facing and product teams should always maintain a strong relationship with customers.

What issues do they face?

How can we help their lives to make it easier?

As I said before, as customer success and support agent, you are the bridge between customers and the product team.

It’s your crucial role to ensure that your product team gives importance to customer feedback when it comes to prioritizing what to build.

Hellonext is a simple way for you to make sure all your feedback is discussed at all times, and that there is a strong, manageable link between customers and product success.

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