How to fix a broken feedback system

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Feedback is the supreme need for the development of any organization. The effective feedback that includes both appreciation and criticism contributes to the product’s success and innovation.

Analyzing feedback aids in making constructive decisions on developing products,business and achieving customer satisfaction which is the real success for any invention and improvisation.

What is wrong with the existing system?

“You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work back toward the technology

– Steve Jobs

Neglecting the user feedback

Every customer who gives genuine feedback expects his/her feedback to be valued and when they are disappointed, there occurs a disconnect. There are instances companies faced a setback when they didn’t pay heed to their user feedback.

Blackberry which was a dominant smartphone company of the year 2009 crumbled when they ignored customer’s feature requests (like a better operating system and more app features) which was taken up by Apple and Android phones companies. Blackberry almost lost its market by 2015.

Apple iPhones came into play with what seemed like futuristic features then like touchscreen, apps like Safari, mail, weather, better storage capacity and so on. Apple follows various customer feedback strategies to know more about their products and bring in innovation which sets them apart consistently in customer satisfaction ranking.

Google developed a free open source operating system called Android and gave away to manufacturers and developers who flooded the market with new devices comprising better OS and new features. Google also conducts customer surveys using which it updates its versions and improves the user experience.

Multiple Feedback Channels

Choosing the best feedback channel among the wide range available is challenging. If it is not made a priority, then it becomes hard to manage and will result in chaotic and repetitive feedback. Customer engagement is an important part of any business. If the grievances are serious or have affected a large number of users, It becomes important to maintain a good relationship with users to retain them.

Feedback through emails has a major drawback because a large number of emails would be hard to follow even if you log in daily and spend a significant amount of time organizing, reading, replying and taking action on it. Extracting valuable customer insight from the massive data using spreadsheets manually is tough when your users are growing.

Organizing and Managing isn’t easy

It is easy to manage feedback from a small group but when it comes in large numbers, it is necessary to be proactive.

For example, many customers may send the same feedback or same feature request through emails and random tweets. This becomes a pain for the product manager to address individually.

The solution to fix the broken system

A good feedback tool that possesses the ability to organize and filter feedback based on product names, bugs, user profiles, and feature requests should be used. Timely updates and releases about the products should be intimated to the customers. Customers should feel listened to and valued by the company when they use your product. Feedback-Status should also be updated to the customers to avoid customer churn. Tell your customers that you worked on their feedback.

We introduce Hellonext

Hellonext solves the problems in the feedback system by making it easy for the customers to give their feedback. Hellonext organizes large feedback data and displays the status of it (under review, planned, inprogress, completed). Hellonext’s up-vote feature avoids repetition of similar feedback and helps us prioritize the next step on the customer feedback and bridges the user-developer gap flawlessly.

We at @Hellonext encourages the growth my understanding users. We help a lot of companies to unify the feedback process and help them to validate them in one organized place. Follow us at twitter @hellonexthqto get realtime updates on our amazing journey in touching many lives.


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