Product Management | 10 October, 2022

11 feedback questions you can ask your customers during feedback surveys

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Karthik Kamalakannan

As you grow as a product manager, you will start to realize how important it is for you to spend time talking to your customers first-hand to build great features. Sometimes, during these product manager - customer meetings, you might wonder what questions to ask them, and when to ask them.

Asking the right question and the right time during a conversation with your customer can be very insightful. The questions you ask them could unlock new perspective about your product that you might not have thought of.

Things to remember when running a customer feedback survey meeting

Before you jump on to your next customer feedback survey meeting, it is important that you keep these in mind to gain as much value as possible from the meeting:

  1. Don't jump into questions: remember that your customer is also human. They would love a greeting from you and a nice small conversation about how things are on their side before you can jump into the feedback survey questions.
  2. Be honest: show them that you care about them. Tell them why this meetings is important for you as a product manager, and how the outcome of this meeting would affect their experience with the product.
  3. Ask them permission to record: while you are in the meeting, make sure you are asking them permission to record the meeting if that matters to you. Get their consent before you start the recording, and share it with them in-case they need a copy post the meeting.
  4. Tell them what's next: as you progress through meeting, you might have a mental modal about what you are going to do next with the inputs from the meeting. Give your customers some insight into what the next course of action is. Telling them the next course of action gives them confidence that they did not spend time that would go to waste.
  5. Keep the posted: even after the meeting is done, constantly keep them updated about the progress you are making about their feedback.

What questions to ask during customer feedback survey meetings?

To make it easy for you to prepare for customer feedback survey meetings, we’ve collected a list of high-impact questions that might help you. Let’s get to it.

  1. What problem did our product solve for you?
  2. What are three most important features you use in our product today?
  3. Would you recommend our product to other peers in the industry?
  4. What do you think of our pricing? Are you getting value for the money you are paying?
  5. What are three things you’d change in our product that would create a high impact for you?
  6. Do you use our product on a daily-basis? If no, how often do you use per week?
  7. Are you happy about the support you are receiving from us?
  8. What is something we can improve in our onboarding process?
  9. How big of a problem were you facing before using our product?
  10. If we did not exist, which alternative solution would you have used?
  11. Who other than you could find our product useful?

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