4 Design Principles to create a delightful experience on Hellonext

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Here at Hellonext, we have set out to build the best tool for customer feedback management and feature upvote. We do this by investing a ton of time and energy in building a product that is delightfully user friendly, simple and extremely focused to help customers get the maximum value out of the product.

We started out by setting standard principles that would guide us from day zero of Hellonext. We framed these principles from the learnings we've had while building products for other customers, right from one-person startups to Governments. These values drive our work and collaboration together, and we hope they help you as well.

Whether you are building a product, or a founder growing your existing product, these principles could help you build a product that your users would love using.

1. Simplicity is everything.

We knew early-on that anyone could build a product, with adequate investments. But one thing that would allow us to give customers the best experience is in the way we think about the product.

Keeping things simple is our first priority. Be it the content, articles or even in the way we speak. Everything we build, plan and iterate on Hellonext revolves around this core principle.

2. Push for change.

Rethinking consistently is important for a product like Hellonext. Our focus is to build a product that is constantly evolving, just like every one of us.

Revisiting the features we shipped 4 weeks ago, and try to find gaps to perfect is, has helped us grow Hellonext, exponentially.

3. Data is everything.

There is nothing that goes into our product feature pipeline without adequate data. Data is our friend. We embrace it. We analyze what people want, where they are struggling with and above all, what can we build to provide a delightful user experience.

4. Ship with sense.

Shipping new features are hard. If you understand that, know that we're here with you. Shipping everything under the roof kills time, effort and energy.

We build features only when the first three principles makes absolute sense for us to achieve our core value: "Provide a delightful user experience"

Though these principles define why, what and how we build, these are not hard and fast rules that will not allow us to grow. We learn as we go, and these principles keep evolving every time a principle comes in the way of helping create a delightful user experience to manage feature upvotes.

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