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The effective use of feedback comes when you collectively receive customer feedback from all sources, analyze it, work on it and accomplish customer satisfaction.

Gathering feedback:

While there are many channels to collect feedback for one product, there are pros and cons to each of them, it does take a lot of time and effort to go through each of these channels and engage the user with their grievances and feature requests.

Phone calls:

Getting feedback through phone calls can help with having a clear and coherent conversation with customers. You can explain your product more precisely to the customers. Customers can elaborate on their feedback and share ideas about their feature request. Strengthening the bond with the customer will help the product reputation in the long run. Customers will most likely stay loyal to your products without considering your competitor.

Phone calls tend to have a better response as well, Customers don’t have to sign up or type emails. It is easier to reach out to customers who have discontinued the service and get critical insights about their experience with the product.

Customers feel valued and respected when you give your time to listen to their feedback. As a result, you can have a long-term relationship with your customers. Phone calls are efficient if customers don’t have time to meet you in person or when you have fewer customers or a representative assigned to attend customers’ calls specifically.

Meeting in person:

When your customers feel the need to meet in person to discuss your product, you can create a closer relationship with your clients. This helps really well in the initial days of the product development. Taking away value with constructive criticism on meeting with customers can help you grow rapidly and increase the reputation of your organization. You can gather insights and your customers trust your organization more. In return, you get loyal customers.

Conducting Customer Interviews and Focus groups (which involves typically 8 members) can help you hear their real opinion and their experience about your products and services.

Before you start a customer interview or a focus group, set rules and ensure that the customers involving in this process are clear about it. Make a note on the key learning and work on it. This could create a greater impact on product success.

Just like pros, there are cons in meeting customers. It is effective with customers in a small number but when it comes to a huge number, it is hard to meet everyone in person and reach customers across the world. Hiring people to address enormous customers and investing money on them cannot reach complete effectiveness.

Social Networking apps:

Social media is an easy way to connect with your customers. You can ask feedback from customers through emails, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other socializing apps, websites etc. You can create a community in these social networking apps and receive feedback from the users. Average individual will spend at least 1 hour on social media every day so it is easy to make feedback on social media.

Giving feedback can be made easier by sending out surveys to the customers, creating a poll to know the better option, emojis to know how satisfied the customers are, emails to know better about feedback, creating hashtags to collect and easily follow feedback.

For example, #featurerequest, starting a live chat session with the clients, creating a website for feedback system and there are much more than you can use social media for receiving feedback.

Unifying feedback channels:

There are numerous channels where you can engage with users for feedback, There are social listening tools which makes monitoring feedback on social media easier. But the drawback with giving feedback on social media apps is authentication and management.

Feedback management tools which help to rectify this drawback by accessing feedback data on social media using integrations will improve effectiveness. Managing repetitive feedback or feature request will curtail process time.

The significant part of the feedback system is how customers feel about how valuable their feedback is towards the development of a new feature. This way of managing feedback can save time, effort and money.

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