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This week we focused on some core platform changes to Hellonext. Before we get into it, we’re planning to name our core engine, and your suggestions are welcome.

New status icons

In this release, we are introducing new status icons. The new icons gives you more context to quickly scan through a sea of feature requests on Hellonext for your product.

The new icons are now visible across all the areas where the post statuses are displayed.

Brand new merge post experience

Today, we’re thrilled to introduce a brand new merge post workflow which makes it 2x faster to merge two posts.

If you wish to swap which post gets merged into which, you can just click the center arrow button, and Hellonext takes care of the rest for you.

Core Improvements

  • Improved billing history page design
  • Improved unmerge workflow
  • Improved language translations for user-side of the platform
  • Improved team members page design
  • Improved design for revoking vote on behalf
  • Improved modal across the platform
  • Improved modal animations across the platform
  • The “Login” text is now “Sign in”
  • Improved Boards options design

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where empty page content and improvements button could not render properly
  • Fixed JIRA integration bugs
  • Fixed a bug where post on behalf would not send the user_id to the email
  • Fixed a bug where the Board ID was not correctly sent to the backend services
  • Fixed a bug where Comments moderation might not reflect instantly in the UI
  • Fixed a bug where the loader might not appear in the Billings page
  • Fixed a bug where the one-time links for Private Boards would not work properly
  • Fixed an issue where the tables where not responsive enough on tablets and phones
  • Incredible amount of design fixes and pixel improvements across Hellonext
  • Fixed an issue where some custom domains were not redirecting properly in-case of wrong CNAME migration
  • Fixed an issue with Intercom integration where the posts might not render for private boards
  • Fixed an issue where the Favicon size was not being set properly for some organizations
  • Fixed an issue where old invoices were not available in the Billings page
  • Fixed a ton of test-cases issues to improve build and deploy code quality


  • Removed Bootstrap UI from the entire platform
  • Removed post prefix keys for posts
  • Waved goodbye to some inefficiencies which was not giving you the best experience you could ever get from Hellonext

It’s been an incredible week for us. Next week, we’re onto something even bigger. Cheers 🥂

This product changelog was originally published on Hellonext. Read here


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