[New] Fresh Integrations, Chat widgets, Changelog Filters, and more

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The previous week was a smash-hit Integrations week for us! We shipped Changelog labels that helps you categorize changelogs the way you want it. This week, we focused on bringing in new integrations to make Hellonext even more flexible for you. Let me explain!

Powerful Integrations

Product growth has a never-ending love for analytics tools! We know, when companies thrive, you might need robust analytics integrations to track your website performance, user activities and more. This week, we worked on doing just that. Starting today, you can integrate these analytics into your customer feedback boards to keep everything in sync:

  • Google Analytics
  • FullStory

Integrate your analytics tool with Hellonext and know even more about your customers. You can enable this under the Integrations tab in your Organization Settings page.

Chat Widgets

You want the ability to chat with your customers right within your feedback boards on Hellonext. Now you can easily do that with a simple flick of a button. Starting today, you can bring your existing chat widgets right within your feedback boards.

Currently, we have three chat widget options:

  • Hubspot
  • Crisp
  • Intercom

Setting up your chat widget is so simple. Navigate to your Admin Dashboard → Organization Settings → Integrations. Just copy paste the app ID you would get from your chat widget provider, and you are done.

Changelog Filters

In addition to performance improvements to Changelog module, we also shipped Changelog filters, which was one of the most requested features; Earlier, you would have to go through all the changelog entries to know what type of updates they were.

This new update brings you the ability to filter and see what features were released when. A huge UX improvement for the users of the platform.

Improvements & Fixes

We iterated our process to include a big chunck of our week to performance improvements for the next few months. This week was no exception. The tough schedule became even tougher when we pushed the boundaries of the frameworks we use to improve the stability of Hellonext. Here are a few of the improvements we have pushed:

  • 2x faster changelog posts rendering
  • Added labels to changelog widgets so users can categorize your updates there as well.
  • Improved user experience for changelog customizations
  • Enhanced logic behind boards loading data
  • Upgraded Admin dashboard design
  • Fixed roadmap issues that prevented experiencing the wholesome feature
  • Fixed a post-filters bug that was preventing you from prioritizing feedback
  • Fixed an issue where a backend exception would cause slowness in the response to the user
  • Improved icons across the platform
  • Next week is yet another big week for us. We are now focusing on helping customers who are managing thousands of icoming feedback per month into their Hellonext account by improving the render performance of the platform.

So much work to do, and so many happy faces to see. Cheers 🥂

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