[New] Stripe Payments, Settings Overhaul, and 10 new features

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We were heads-down focusing on bringing in some big new features for you this summer. Since last update, we have made significant changes to Hellonext to make your experience better and to help you do more with the platform.

Let me tell you what changed and what new features you can take advantage of right now.

Stripe as default payment gateway

Paddle has been serving well for us for a while, but the hassle of our customers' payments failing was unacceptable. So we invested heavy engineering effort into making a smooth move into making Stripe as our default payment gateway.

This isn't just a backend movement, but it is a change that affects your workflow as well. With the new billing page, you can now:

  • Upgrade the plans without having to contact support
  • Update payment details yourself
  • Update billing and shipping address
  • Update tax details
  • View all the past invoices
  • View usage metrics in a simple view

If you would like to move to Stripe from Paddle, write to our support, and we will help you out.

Contextual Settings

This is the big one in this release. Now, settings are easier for you to understand and take action on. You can now control Boards, Roadmap and Changelog settings from their respective modules from your Admin Dashboard.

That's now all, we now have two types of settings for Boards:

  1. Global Boards Settings → These are the settings that you can apply to all the boards in your account.
  2. Board-wise Settings → These are the settings that take precedence over Global Boards Settings.

For example, when Disable Comments is set to ON for Board 1, when you set Disable Comments to OFF in global boards settings, Board 1 will still have the Disable Comments option ON.

The new update puts you in control more than ever before.

Post previews in list view

Starting today, when in your Admin Dashboard, you can click on the toggle next to refresh button to show a preview of the post in the list. This gives you the ability to take a peek into the post you are about to take action on.

We believe this is one step closer to our goal to build a user feedback management platform that is super fast and easy for you to use.

Hide assignee from public view

You now have the option to hide the assignee name from the public (your end-customers) viewing it. You can enable this option under Boards → Settings & Embeds → Hide Assignee.

What do you do when you want to hide assignee only to a particular board? You can now do that by going to Board → Options → Hide Assignee.

Mark post as read

When you are dealing with a ton of user feedback on Hellonext, you might lost track of which one you viewed already, and which one you didn't. We wanted to help you get clarity over this confusion.

Starting today, when you refresh your Admin Dashboard and start viewing posts, there is a subtle change in the opacity of a post that you have viewed. This helps you quickly understand which one you already read through and which posts you didn't.

This is a small yet powerful feature. More like how your email inbox behaves.

Small yet powerful new features

We did not stop just with the above features. There is so much more we worked on for this release:

  • Set tags from context menus on any post
  • Remove default selection of boards in new post form
  • New, and well written 500 error page to help you understand what has happened
  • New activities bar in Changelog module
  • Large lists of posts now render as if it is sliding down a roller coster.

Improvements & Fixes

New features are great. But existing features are crucial to improve and maintain. We never forget that. Here are some of the improvements we did for the features you use everyday:

  • [Fix] Jira Integration: Issue Type loader shown by default
  • [Fix] React Hooks Sentry Error
  • [Fix, Improvement] Overlay sign-in
  • [Fix] Comment Menu Fix
  • [Fix] Overlap fix and menu placements
  • [Fix] Added Boolean condition and Board Roadmap validation
  • [Fix] Avatar, Profile Components refactored
  • [Fix] Editor Link Fixes - Youtube, Link
  • [Fix] - Edit post- update button stays enabled without editing anything (user side)
  • [Design] Update Status Icons and update old icons
  • [Fix] Fixed a bug where moderation page might behave differently [p0]
  • [Fix, Improvement] Posts, Comments optimized. React window added to enable smoother performance
  • [Fix] Title does not update even after closing single post modal in Roadmap
  • [Fix] Changelog Image Size
  • [Fix] Google Translate Changelog Page Fix
  • [Fix] Google Translate Boards Page Fix
  • [Fix] Google Translate Roadmap Page Fix
  • [Fix] Apple Safari Sign In
  • [Fix] SSO Help Page Link Fix
  • [Fix] Character limit for bucket form description
  • [FIX] Jira issue search - handling error response
  • [Fix] Auto-suggest is broken in Merge Posts after clearing
  • [Fix] Minor changes to cluster data

This product changelog was originally published on Hellonext. Read here


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