[New] Changelog Labels, Captcha support and more

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This was a big week for us. We put our heads down to focus on Changelog module. There are some exciting new things we shipped for you, and above all, some improvements that you might love. Let’s get in there.

Changelog Labels

You needed a way to let your users know what type of changelog you just wrote, and this week, we shipped the ability to add labels to your Changelog posts.

By default, you can choose from these labels:

  • Improvements
  • Bug Fixes
  • New Feature
  • Deprecation

Of course, you can customize the colors you need, and also change the names of the default labels. It’s for you to play around with, and see what’s best for your product.

New Captcha for Spammers

Spammers love commenting on posts. Captcha loves kicking them out of it. Starting today, we are rolling out Captcha support for all users who are trying to submit a post or comment when they are not signed in.

Fun fact: Whenever you validate yourself by solving a captcha, you are basically training the AI engine behind it as well — mostly for Google.

Notification for new updates

You could be one of those who start and end your day triaging issues with Hellonext. In this case, you might not want to open your Hellonext domain every time you need it. You might have it open.

But we ship new features and improvements every single day for you. When you have it open, we cannot automatically refresh your browser. It might cause you to lose some data.

To make sure you are always on the latest version of Hellonext, we have now added a cute little alert at the bottom right side of your Hellonext account to gently let you know that new features have shipped and you might want to refresh to take advantage of it.

Neat. Isn’t it.

One more thing

Starting this week, we are focusing on what we call the “Spaceship”

Spaceship is an internal project name to achieve incredible front-end performance across Hellonext.

Here are the goals of Project Spaceship:

  • Help users take actions immediately
  • Proactive rendering — render elements in the UI in less than 100ms
  • Center everything around user-intention

As the first step, we are piloting Project Spaceship for the homepage posts, and single posts page on the user-facing side of the platform. Just go ahead, click on a post, and see how fast it renders for you. It is super fast, and you always have something to consume. It is just surreal.


  • We improved the kerning of the font across the platform. This new version of the font makes you feel more at home and does not make you tired.
  • Improved the logic behind assigning usernames for new users
  • Improved the render speeds across the platform
  • Improved the logic behind load-balancing routers to reduce wait times
  • Unified post descriptions, changelog descriptions, roadmap descriptions and other styles cross the platform
  • Icons are now Glyphs to make it easy for the browsers to render them for you
  • Shaved some more CSS and JS by saying goodbye to some old JS frameworks

This product changelog was originally published on Hellonext. Read here


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