[New] Granular notification controls and new Safari compability

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This week, we welcomed a few billion dollar companies to help them manage their customer feedback. With that joy, and your support, we set out to improve the NEXT platform (which now powers Hellonext) for you.

Let’s dive in 🤿

Granular Notifications Control

You now control what notifications you receive via email from your Profile Settings.

Hellonext is a fairly silent product. We notify you only when there is something that might use your help. If you could like to go ninja over your notifications, you can now enable/disable three notification types:

  • New posts notifications
  • New comments notifications
  • New Changelog notifications

It is important to remember that whenever you disable these notifications, be sure to come back to Hellonext to check what’s hot.

Support for Safari on macOS 12 or iOS 15 or iPadOS 15

We now support the beautiful new Safari across all Apple platforms. When you set your own brand color, Hellonext now sets that color as the Safari’s header color. You should try it, its just beautiful.


  • Removed Hellonext tag from the title tags of the page to help you feel at home even more.
  • You can now upload PNG images as well for Favicons
  • You now get a “Hidden” tab in the All posts page to show the posts you’ve hidden for later.
  • You can now admire your own name under the Profile Dropdown in the top right corner of the platform.

Fixes and bug shoots

  • Fixed an issue where tags might not get removed from a post
  • Fixed an issue where translations were missing for JIRA integrations
  • Fixed an issue where 404 is reported when you enable Customized Roadmap
  • Fixed an issue where dropdown menus were inconsistent for Private Board options
  • Fixed an issue where Sentry was causing a JS issue in your browser console
  • Fixed an issue to accommodate some JIRA API changes
  • Fixed an issue where GitHub sign in was inconsistent for some users
  • Fixed an issue where users might get a 500 error when translating a feedback board using Google Translate
  • Fixed an issue where post auto-approvals were not working as expected
  • Fixed a design issue under profile dropdown to make it easy for you to switch organizations
  • Kissed goodbye to old JS and CSS code

We are incredible humbled to see the amount of people trusting us to do the right thing for you. We’re on it. We got this.

You focus on letting customers give you feedback, we will help you manage them.

As always, “Collect. Prioritize. Ship.” ⛵️

This product changelog was originally published on Hellonext. Read here


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