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This update brings you some new features, performance improvements and crucial user experience issues you’ve been reporting to us.

Our team also huddle together to set an incredible roadmap for the next two months, and we are driven to deliver the best feature voting platform for you.

Small new features

  • You can now click on an activity feed item to take you to that activity
  • A new button to delete spam comments from your admin dashboard


  • Added a progress bar to the Priority Ratings
  • Private boards now show a lock icon denoting that they are private
  • New dropdown menu design across the platform. It is now streamlined, and super fast in rendering.
  • Removed the plus button in the Roadmap page, replacing it with a new “Post” button
  • Added new help text for updating your logo
  • Improved the swap posts in the merge posts modal to give you more context


  • Fixed an issue which would not redirect a user to the right page after login
  • Fixed an issue with the SSO engine which was preventing the postfix from getting sent to us
  • Fixed an issue where a warning message would not appear for partially masked users
  • Fixed an issue where priority ratings would not show an alert
  • Fixed an issue where some users were not able to delete a comment due to some permissions issue
  • Fixed an issue with ReactJS Hooks and file upload chunks
  • Fixed an issue with Tailwind Headless UI to improve rendering across the platform

Yet another incredible week of bug fixes, performance improvements, and setting the stage for the next big updates that are coming straight to you from the team at Hellonext.

Enjoy using Hellonext 🥂.

Collect. Prioritize. Build.

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