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10 Best alternatives for SaaS companies

Hellonext, Inc.

Karthik Kamalakannan

Looking for alternatives? I have combined the list of latest alternatives for you.

This list of Canny alternatives will give you which user feedback management software you should be using, and why you should be using. If you’ve used a user feedback management software earlier, chances are that you’ve already heard about the expensive solution Canny. But, it is not the right fit for many — you might be one of them, and looking at competitors to get the best value for money.

Updated: Updated list of Alternatives for 2022 is here →

We’ve compiled the list of 10 best alternatives software with their pros and cons so that you can save your time looking for more Canny competitors.

Customer acquisition is a key part of any SaaS company. If you’re not using customer feedback tool like or Hellonext, you’re missing out on the best customer acquisition channel there is.

Today, customers want the products they use to present information to them. They need a place where they can voice out their opinions and feedback about the products they use. Tools like and Hellonext are the best tools for this purpose.

Best Alternatives Compared

  2. Nolt
  3. Linear
  4. Aha! Ideas
  5. ProdPad
  6. ProductBoard
  7. UseResponse
  8. Convas
  9. Upvoty
  10. Feedback fish

Canny FAQs

Why look for a Canny Alternative

Founded by two digital nomads, Sarah and Andrew, Canny is a user feedback management software solution with quite a bit of name recognition behind it. But this doesn’t mean Canny is the necessarily the best user feedback management software for your product or the best tool that fits your company budget.

Canny comes with few features with heavy price, but ultimately it depends on how you want to use the software for your product.

What are the good things about

  • A good fit for large enterprises and big enterprise SaaS software.
  • Capable on integrating with tools like Intercom, Zendesk and Slack.
  • Offers MRR and ARR integration to prioritize feedback based on users’ pricing tiers.

Why is bad

  • You leak money as you grow.
  • You cannot remove "Powered by" from your product.
  • You have to rely on their API to integrate with tools other than Zendesk, Slack and Intercom.
  • Many options are pre-set, and is not customizable, so you need to change the way your company works to use Canny.
  • The feature roll-out is too delayed when compared to other competitors.

Who are tracked users in

Tools like Canny, Upvoty, and Convas limit the number of people who interact with your account when giving you feedback.

A tracked user is a person who votes, posts, or comments on a feedback in your account.

What tools offer unlimited tracked users in

Hellonext is the only tool which comes with no limits on the tracked users since they believe that a feedback platform should enable product owners to get as many feedback as possible from their users and not punish them for it.

Does have a free plan? No.

No. does not come with a free plan for its users.

Does have a free trial? Yes. 14-days free trial.

Yes. You can try free for 14-days.

Top Alternatives


Hellonext is the top alternative in the industry. Hellonext has better features than Canny with feedback boards, product roadmap, and changelog to improve your customer feedback cycle. All these features, along with a great user interface, come at a price that is reasonable. Unlike Canny's complex user interface and slow customer support, Hellonext comes with a great user interface and fast customer support.

Hellonext is the best Canny Alternative


  • No limits on tracked users.
  • Great user interface & user experience.
  • Fast customer support.
  • Custom form templates.
  • Granular feature controls.


  • Some users say Hellonext's bulk actions can be improved.

With Hellonext you can do more with a simple subscription for your product when compared to If you are a fan of Canny but need more features with a fast-evolving product, Hellonext is the best alternative to


Nolt is run by a small team of individuals who run multiple products like, SocialCloud and so on. Nolt is a good fit for simple single-member run products that serve a small user-base.

Nolt Canny Alternative

Pros: Few people go with Nolt for its simple user interface and when they are in need of a small tool they need to manage feedback. It's admin panel options are within a simple modal dialog that slides from the left corner, and that gives adequate options for small products.

Cons: Nolt is best for small individual run products and services to gather user feedback. When you need to scale and do more, falls short. Nolt's lack of transparency about the features and data protection is something worrisome among customers.

Nolt Pricing: $25 per month per board. When you need 10 boards, you would pay $250 ($25x10) per month.

3. Linear

Launched few years ago, Linear aims to be a product management tool with Roadmap and project timelines.

Nolt Canny Alternative

Pros: Linear is one of the most elegant product management software you can use today. It is built to compete with JIRA and other agile project management tools in the market. The UI is fast, easy to understand and is keyboard first.

Cons: Linear is a product management tool, and not a user feedback management tool. Linear does not come with a user-facing features like Hellonext does.

Linear Pricing: Starts for free, and costs $10 per user per month when you exceed certain limitations.

4. Aha! Ideas

Aha! Ideas is a small tool within the larger Aha! Product Management tool. It is trusted by many enterprises where their entire team uses Aha for product and release management.

Nolt Canny Alternative

Pros: Aha! Ideas is built for the large enterprises with huge user-base. The platform scales when you have a huge user-base and also comes with a lot of feature that many might find overwhelming.

Cons: Feature bloated. Slow feature release. Expensive pricing is what makes Aha! Ideas a tough choice for people like you and me.

Aha! Ideas Pricing: Starts at $74 per month per user for Aha Ideas. This pricing does not include other modules of the Aha! platform.

5. ProdPad

ProdPad is a full-features product management software that helps product managers build new features faster.

Prodpad Canny Alternative

Pros: ProdPad is a great competitor to ProdPad works great for planning your product roadmap with customer feedback around it. For example, ProdPad provides a unique way of creating visual roadmap items with cards, and kanban boards.

Cons: Loss of information according to few customers. Some users report loss of their data that they had stored within Prodpad.

ProdPad Pricing: Starts at a whopping $1899 per month. The most expensive user feedback management platform to date other than UserVoice.

6. ProductBoard

ProductBoard is a user feedback management platform with features that extends beyond just that.

ProductBoard Canny Alternative

Pros: Popular among SaaS products and is easy to configure and integrate into your workflow.

Cons: Does not come with Changelog feature and also is difficult to understand the workflow of the product.

ProductBoard Pricing: Starts at $60 per user per month and scales upwards of thousands of dollars as you grow.

Updated: Learn more about Productboard Pricing and Productboard Pricing Calculator

7. UseResponse

UseResponse is a customer feedback management tool built around customer support system. It is used by a lot of users in the EU and USA.

Prodpad Canny Alternative

Pros: UseResponse's multi-channel support and feedback management is a hit among many customers. The product also comes with Knowledge Base, helping customers keep users informed of things easily.

Cons: It is bloated with features and is not simple to use or understand. You need a lot of hand-holding before your customers can understand how to provide feedback to you.

UseResponse Pricing: Starts at $1490. That's right. UseResponse costs $1490.

8. Convas

Convas is a new entrant in the market and is run by a team of two. The product aims to bring all the features that Canny has but there is a long way to go.

Convas Canny Alternative

Pros: Brings most of the core features that comes with Canny. Works almost the same way, and its embeds and roadmap features are functional for small teams.

Cons: The user experience is a big issue with Convas. The product feels like it is a decade old, and is slow when compared to all the other competitors.

Convas Pricing: Starts at $15 per month for just 100 tracked users. You end-up paying more when you scale your product.

9. Upvoty

Upvoty is run by Mike, who runs other products as well. The new entrant in the market brings features as Canny releases new ones.

Upvoty Alternative

Pros: Works well for SaaS businesses and small product teams. The UI is functional and is easy to understand.

Cons: The design and the experience your customers get is sub-par showcasing the focus they put in their product.

Upvoty Pricing: Starts at $15 per month with limitations on tracked users. You end up paying more as you grow.

10. Feedback Fish

Feedback Fish is a new tool that approaches the customer feedback gathering with an emoji-first interface.

Upvoty Alternative

Pros: Since the feedback that your end-users would provide is based on emojis and reactions, it is easy for your users to understand and showcase how they feel about the product with just a click.

Cons: Very limited in features, and the speed of development of new features seems to be slower than competitors.

Feedback Fish Pricing: Starts at $19 per month.

What is the best alternative to in 2021?

The best software for your product is the one that is most flexible and easy to use. Above all, when you are considering as your customer feedback management tool, you need to think about scaling and pricing as well. could end up being the most expensive tool that you use in your company.

We built Hellonext with a vision to be the best product management tool for SaaS companies. We are constantly working on improving the product and adding new features almost everyday. Hundreds of customers have realized the value for money with Hellonext within days of using it. You can give it a try by signing up here → Sign Up

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