Announcing Submission Templates in Hellonext

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The organization admins work with feedback submissions and use buckets to group the feedback based on the type of submission it is. By the request of one of the customers, we introduced submission templates.

How does it work?

Submission templates allow admins to create a preformatted submission structure for a specific bucket(s). Now, whenever a user submits feedback to that bucket they can see preformatted content in the description section. Users will now use the existing content and add their feedback on top of it.

This makes all the submissions to the bucket structured uniformly.

How to enable this?

Admins of the organization can control this in the bucket’s settings.

Under the dashboard page open the buckets tab. Click on the bucket options you want to customize the submissions or create a new bucket for the same.

Open the ‘edit feedback form’.

Submission templates for Hellonext customer feedback tool

A fully customizable bucket option opens. You can edit all the fields and design it to match the template you want to create.

Submission templates for Hellonext customer feedback tool

How does it look on the user side?

When the user chooses the bucket with the submission template, they can see a preformatted text in the description field.

Submission templates for Hellonext customer feedback tool

With submission templates, the organization can customize the buckets for getting structured feedback from the users, so that they can use it with ease.

If you have any feedback regarding this, feel free to let us know.


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