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Announcing Roadmaps in Hellonext

Announcing Roadmaps in Hellonext


The roadmap was one of the most sought features and now it’s gone live for your use. With Hellonext Roadmaps you can now see the status of submissions on one single page.

The roadmap gives users a global view of what’s happening in the product and where their expected feature stands at.

How it works:

A Kanban view is the product team’s favorite way of communicating product roadmaps. It has three vertical lists; Planned, In Progress, and Completed indicating the three main statuses of feedbacks.

When the submissions are moved from one status to another by the organization admins, they will be reflected automatically here.

How it helps:

  • Users who want to know ‘what is new’ and ‘what is getting built in the products’ can use this feature.
  • New features mean more ways to use the product effectively. Start planning them out to put them to good use.
  • It is made easy for the internal team to plan the marketing pipeline based on the Kanban board.

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