Announcing Pinned Feedback in Hellonext

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Pinned feedback is the most asked and upvoted feature on Hellonext’s feedback page.

The home page shows feedback in the order of the latest submissions and the top page shows feedback in the order of the most upvoted. But, it could get difficult to showcase feedback that is of high importance to you. To solve this problem, we have introduced the option to pin feedback with a ‘Pin Post’ option.

How do pin posts work?

Organization admins can pin posts of importance. The options button now contains the ‘pin post’ option. Using this the admin can pin and unpin a post.

Announcing Pinned feedback
Announcing Pinned feedback

All pinned posts are listed at the top of the page in order. The pinned posts have a tag at the top left corner as an indication.

Announcing Pinned feedback

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