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The Hellonext product had a design upgrade a week back. Most of you must have seen this update and had few questions regarding the design. This will answer them and give you an idea of what the update is about.

Home page

The new design has a minimalist view despite the plenty of information it holds. Earlier the header was of different color and there were tabs to switch between pages. Considering the amount of space and spotlight they took, we wanted a UI where the users focus on the feedback and the buckets.

The new UI supports the idea to easily switch between pages, the search is closer to the feedback and even the buckets are easily accessible in this section. All the user interacts is available in this view.

Customer feature voting tool design

With the attention of users falling only on the feedback submissions, votes, and submit feedback, the organization can gain the most from the users.

Buckets, Roadmap, and Changelog

Coming to the header, compared to the previous version you can see the three key pages -

Buckets, Roadmaps, and Changelog.

Communicating with your users about what’s happening through the roadmap and what’s new through changelog is as important as collecting feedback. Hence the header shows just that drawing attention to the heroes.

Customer feature voting tool design

Custom brand color

Now, to address your question on how the brand color gets applied. We have got a new update for that too!

In the admin dashboard, you can choose any color from the color picker (literally, any color) or enter the hex code of the color. That color will be applied throughout the platform on all the buttons, links, and selections.

Customer feature voting tool design

Buttons become Switches

Small changes make a big difference. The Admin dashboard is getting a revamp as we speak and many interesting updates are coming your way. You must already have seen the new side menu bar and the structure update.

But now, we made a minor change. Buttons are now ‘Switches’ on the settings page. Considering the many organization controls we had we have made everything into switches. It looks a lot cleaner, doesn’t it?

Customer feature voting tool design

You can check out our website to see Hellonext Roadmap or what’s new from the Changelog. If you have any feedback or requests feel free to share your thoughts here.


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