Announcing New Mobile App Version 1.3

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A month ago, we launched our Hellonext Mobile app complying to our customer’s request. And now, we are bringing to you our latest version of the mobile app - fresh, newly designed and a lot more features from the web.

Starting today, you can access the new mobile app in the App Store and Google Play store.

This new version of Hellonext has lifted up the limitations in the actions that members and admins can perform - based on the most requested and used features.

This version of the app comes with:

  • Sign-in with email, Apple ID, and Github
  • Create a new organization from your mobile directly
  • An upgraded dashboard page to improve your interaction on the feedback submission
  • Upgraded single feedback page for better readability
  • Finer controls over comments and quicker response to customer comments.
  • Simpler and cleaner design to make your interaction smoother

This version in detail:

  • This mobile app has been designed to support the actions of admins to a maximum level and stay on top of all organizations activity
  • Now the members can perform various actions like comment and upvote any feature
  • This version also comes with an option to share your organization URL from the mobile
  • You can just share the URL to your Whatsapp groups, messages, etc., without any need to open the web
  • With the improvised single feedback page, you can manage your markdowns directly from mobile.
  • This view of the feedback was designed to interact easily and comprise all actions under two clicks

Accessing the mobile app

If you already have an account, you can use the same credentials to login. Both admins and members can login and perform actions limited to their role. If you want a new account, you can sign-up on the mobile and use your trial account.

To upgrade your subscription please visit

About the upcoming version:

The next update will contain more actions for admins and members in a much better optimized environment.


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