Announcing Mobile Version 1.5

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Version 1.5 of the mobile update saw a major release. The plans to do this release started way ahead of schedule.

The concept behind this and the following releases is to bring in all the controls available on the web to mobile and make it smooth for the admins to use it on the go.

What’s new on Mobile

Design update

The app had to undergo a few design updates to accommodate all that we are bringing in from the web to mobile. The first update was to the menu bar at the bottom and the icons! The new icons give a fresh look to the app and are much cleaner than before.

With the new feature updates on mobile, there is quite a lot of information to show on the feedback show page. Keeping our users and the experience in mind, we have made some changes to provide the best experience possible.


The changelog is now available on Mobile for admins to publish new release notes, edit or even unpublish published notes. The editor support in Changelog allows text to be highlighted using different text styles and attach images. Also, over mobile, it’s easier to add feedback from the completed list to the release notes.


Yes, you can now create new tags, edit or delete existing tags from mobile. Tags are helpful when it comes to grouping feedback based on the organization’s idea. Many users of Hellonext were delighted when tags were introduced and now you can access directly from mobile.

Submit Feedback

Allowing admins to submit feedback right from the mobile app was introduced considering how handy it will be during a customer meeting or when a new thought enters their mind on the go.

Feedback submission on mobile comes with an editor and image attachment support.


To avoid the confusion of vote counts we have brought in downvotes to the mobile app. Across the platform, your organization counts are unified.

Moderate feedback

With the new version, you can view the feedback submissions that are waiting for your approval. The needs approval section in the manage page now lists all the submissions and you can just reject or approve in a click.

That’s all for this release. Well, it was quite a release for us as a team. The purpose of the admin is to help in managing organizations better and easily. By bringing in all the crucial controls from the web to mobile we are taking one step closer to making this the best.

More updates coming your way. Check them here:

If you have feedback for the mobile app let us know here.

iOS app feedback

Android app feedback


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