Announcing Mobile App Version 1.4 in Hellonext

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We are back with the newest version of the mobile app and this time we have more interesting controls for the admin.

What’s new?

  • Comment reaction
  • Assign feedback to member
  • Update organization image
  • Improved notification performance

And, of course, better performance and bug fixes.


Comment reactions are now available here on our mobile app’s new release. React to customer comments and replies to show your enthusiasm that is not explainable through words.

Reactions don't just include only like and love but nine unique reactions just like the web!

With the mobile app, it’s much easier to assign submissions to anyone from you. You can also re-assign the feedback to other members in just a click.

It could get tedious to search for feedback from hundreds, to check on the comment. We have now made the notifications clickable to take you to the feedback directly with a click.

Even the smallest concerns like the following are addressed in this build:

  • Fit of icons
  • Added layers of confirmation for upgrading members to admin
  • Improving UI for better readability
  • Optimized markdown support in feedback

Though all these fixes are barely noticeable this is what user experience ultimately means and we care about it 200%. If we don't compromise on something, it is our design and the experience our users get.

Next release:

We want to make the mobile app the fort of admins and bring in all admin controls. We are working on upcoming releases to make this happen. More updates on its way...


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