Announcing Custom Domains on Hellonext

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Bring Your Own URL is a new thing we’ve been obsessing about for the past few weeks. We wanted users to have their own domain mapped to Hellonext to make them feel even more comfortable.

Starting today, we are announcing Custom Domains on all plans, no restrictions on that. This means, you can now have a URL like absolutely for free from Hellonext.

Let me explain what you get from this Custom Domain feature:

  1. Your own URL mapped to your Hellonext account.

  2. Free SSL certificate for your domain.

  3. Incredible support from our team.

What should I do as a Hellonext customer to get Custom Domain?

Currently, we are asking our customers to just leave a message on our Chat, so that our team can ping you in a matter of minutes to hand-hold you about the mapping process with your DNS provider.

Why should I reach out to support to get Custom Domains?

We found out that 90% of our paying customers are not tech-first users. They are product managers who are focusing on building products, and this is the last thing they should do to make things easier for them. Instead, they can now talk to a human like us, and we will literally get on a quick call and help them out. For how much ever longer it takes.

How we made this available for free?

We are using a free Certificate Authority called Let’s Encrypt to issue the certificates on the fly for your custom domains.

Fact: It took a ton of engineers effort went into accommodate almost all of our 5000+ companies to use custom domains.

We believe that this new feature will allows you to use Hellonext like your own product, and if there is anything I can help to understand more, we are just a chat message away.


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