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Until yesterday anyone could comment on the feedback if they were public. With the introduction of comments moderation, organization admins get to manage what comments are published. No one wants spam or broken comments.

How it works

  • Open your dashboard and from there open the basic settings page.
  • Turn on the comments moderation switch
  • Continue to proceed with your change

From then, any comments added to your organization will be submitted for your approval.

To moderate,

  • Click on the ‘Needs Approval’ option from the side menu on your dashboard page.
  • Comment moderation appears as a sub-menu. Click on it.

The page now lists all the submissions made with an option to approve or reject for a new submission and change to pending or reject for an already approved comment.

Disable comments:

You can also disable comments for the buckets or specific posts in your organization. In addition to making the bucket private, there is now an option to stop anyone from commenting.

How to

Open the buckets page from the side menu on your dashboard page.

Click on the options; a dropdown opens with the bucket controls. Click on ‘edit bucket’.

You can see a checkbox that says ‘disable comments’.

If you check it and save the changes, no one will be able to comment on the feedback submissions in that bucket.

Hellonext comments moderation

To disable comments for a post, open the post you want to disable comments for.

  • Click on options to open up the dropdown.
  • If you click on ‘Disable comments’ and click continue on the confirmation modal, comments will be disabled for that comment.
Hellonext comments moderation

Sign in to your organization to see how this works. If you have any feedback or new feature suggestion feel free to add it here:


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