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Announcing an all new onboarding

Announcing an all new onboarding

Onboarding is crucial in any product as it sets the tone for the user about the experience they can expect. Hellonext has grown to accommodate many customization options. To match with it, we wanted to improve our onboarding process i.e process you experience while creating a new organisation. 

With our fresh onboarding steps admins can customise organisations while setting them up. No need to wait for the organisation to be created before customising to your wish! 

Here is a glimpse of what the new steps hold for you. 

Start by entering your organisation name;  Remember the name has to be unique. 

Next up, you can brand your organisation and choose the privacy settings. 

  • Choose a color of your choice with our color picker that supports hex code or color tile. 
  • We have multiple language options to choose from for your organisation. You can set it up during the onboarding process itself. 
  • Want to go private? Just select privacy of your organization right here. 

When you are all done, click on ‘Let’s go’ to create your organisation with the customisation you had selected. Your organisation will be all set in the color and language of your choice! 

If you have any feedback regarding the new update or have something to add to it, feel free to drop your idea here - https://feedback.hellonext.co/b/feature-requests

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