Announcing Admin Panel - Version 1 in Hellonext

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The Admin dashboard is a crucial part of Hellonext given all the organization controls are done here. Admins live here more than the home page.

Now, the Admin dashboard revamp has been planned to be done in versions and the first version is a noticeable change in the sidebar menu. Not just the design of the sidebar menu but the architecture of the menu is changing.

What’s new?

Announcing Admin Panel Version 1

Did you notice that the sidebar menu is different? Yes, we do have the same options but the grouping and design are new to start with.

If you expand the Feedback and Settings menu, you can see that we have brought in detailed controls. Feedback now has all controls like the status of the feedback along with the assigned, tags and needs approval control (If you have enabled feedback moderation).

Announcing Admin Panel Version 1

Coming to the settings menu, we have now categorized settings into basic, billing, your team, integrations, and advanced.

You can find basic controls like custom color and organization details on the basic settings page. The advanced settings page has controls like SSO, widget, and API key. The other pages are self-explanatory.


In the upcoming versions, you will see the menu is structured in a way that makes more sense from the admin perspective and of course a fresh UI.


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