8 Use-cases of Hellonext Feature Prioritization

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With Hellonext use-cases of feature prioritization and Jira integration, product managers are getting a quick and seamless way to understand the exact needs and strategically prioritize the right feature release at the right time using users' meaningful feedback. Product teams will save time and quickly prioritize features for influential customers, making the right prioritization decisions with immense confidence.

To get you started on a deeper dive into customer needs, we’ve outlined eight best use cases for your feature prioritization. Let’s go!

1. Take the confident decision on what to build next by upvotes.

You will get colossal feedback received from your customers every single day; you can’t decide what to build next by checking every single feedback. So, Hellonext has an Upvote feature that helps you know what to prioritize next by checking the upvotes themselves; it will just take some minutes of your time. Automatically, this feature shows what your customers need at this moment and which should be your highest priority at the top of your page by categorizing from the highest upvoted feature to the least one. It makes your prioritization job extremely simple.


2. Identify features that your influential customers need.

In addition to upvotes, you can prioritize the requested features by priority rating that each submitted post has; this rating clearly shows that a particular feature is worth building now or not. It has four categories:

  • Nice to have
  • Important
  • Critical

And the total number of ratings received, as shown in the picture below. Ultimately, this helps you the best to find the one that you need to prioritize.


3. Save yourself from the risk of customer churn.

With Hellonext, you can target building features crucial to reduce churn. Sometimes you may not prioritize the features requested by less engaged customers, which takes you to the risk of churning. To solve this, you can keep a tag in Hellonext. For example, create a tag named customer churns after sorting out your main priorities. Check for the customer churns tag in your dashboard,  then start prioritizing the small features requested, which consumes less time and update them in the changelog. It makes your customers know that you’re taking their needs into account and building them, which will automatically reduce churning.

Pro tip: Here is an article that explains some other methods that can help you to reduce your customer churns; check out.

4. Create a prioritization roadmap

If you want to showcase to your customers or a specific customer-facing team what features you’ve planned for a particular quarter, you can create a prioritization roadmap. For example, you can use the roadmap to spotlight your executives, sales team, customers, and prospects about upcoming features that meet their needs. Also, everyone can upvote their interest, even in the roadmap. It takes you on the right path of building and confidence about prioritization.


5. Maintain your existing users’ journey fulfilled

Product teams build great products by determining and evaluating customer pain points using feedback instead of taking anecdotic decisions. Of course, when you’re up to creating a great organization focusing on your customers is the right path that will help you! And, giving importance to your existing costumes will retain your current customers than acquire new customers to replace them. This is what successful companies will do for their product success.

With Hellonext, you can prioritize the needs of customers from their side. You can utilize customers’ feedback to uncover their most crucial issues and test and find the right solutions before jumping to delivery. Determining and prioritizing the features your customers’ exact need, like enhanced privacy, features like a Jira integration, will help you to do task and product management on the same page. By doing so, you can quickly focus on your customer’s priorities and keep them happy, loyal, and ready for more opportunities.

6. Prioritize the needs of specific organizations

With Hellonext, you can categorize your specific user needs by checking all your organization members' post count. This feature is to showcase all the users’ post count who is posting how much feedback. By this, you can focus on the specific organization needs who are actively posting feedback and prioritize it for your next release (if it’s worth building). Ultimately, this will raise the opportunity of gaining new qualified leads to your product.


7. Determine features to attract prospects

It’s crucial to grow your customer base by targeting prospects to enhance your organization and promote your market share. Since prospects and existing customers frequently have various needs, it’s essential to differentiate their needs. With prioritization, identify the needs your products haven’t addressed that protect prospects from converting or hide your ability to attract new customers.

For example, as you expand, prospects may ask for advanced reporting, industry-related features, or even more privacy requirements. Yet these features aren't a big deal for your existing customers and their needs. You can even gather prospects by which competitors they use. Plus, identify the feature request trends that can guide your product strategy and prioritization to improve faster than competitors.

8. Attain product-market fit for your product

Prioritizing your customer discovery process is crucial to calculating product-market fit. By prioritizing your customer needs by their industry, you can find whose needs match your product or prioritize various use cases gaining traction. You can then move your product and the features you build towards this side to attain product-market fit.

Always keep in mind that learning and growth don’t just stop when your organization attains product-market fit. To achieve your product vision, it’s still better to thrive and expand your product post-product-market fit.

Likewise, Hellonext helps you make your prioritization process extremely easy yet effective. Ready to build the right features and thrive as a better product in the market? Join the lakhs of product managers and teams who are already doing this!

“We've been using Hellonext for a few months now and have been really impressed with the product and team.

Originally started using them because they were the most lightweight way to setup feedback collection (feature requests + bug tracking) from our users, while also providing a sense of community for users to interact with each other.

We continue to use them because they are dedicated to listening to our feedback on what they're platform can do better, and their speed to implement!” 🚀”

Ankith Harathi

Co-founder & CEO at Macro

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