4 Ways to Get Customer Feedback for Your Product

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If you are here, you are probably looking for the best ways & methods to gather customer feedback from various sources.

Your customers are the most critical part of your company's success. Their voice matters, and it is a great way to give your customers a platform to provide feedback for your product.

When we started gathering feedback for our products, here are the answers we tried answering:

  • What is the best way to gather customer feedback?
  • Where should I place my feedback widget?
  • Should I record feedback on behalf of my customers?
  • What is the best way to let customers know about new feature launches?
  • How easy should the feedback widget be for our customers?

Feedback Boards

What is it: Feedback boards are a central location where your customers post feedback about your product.

What you need: A feedback board tool like Hellonext allows you to collect customer feedback with either a public feedback board or a private feedback board.

Best used for:

  • B2B products
  • Collecting feedback in a single place
  • B2C products
  • Universities & libraries

When to use feedback boards: You can choose to use customer feedback boards when you need:

  • A central place for your customers to provide feedback
  • Single source for all feedback for your team
  • Analyze how your product performs
  • Build a roadmap from the feedback posts

Where to place feedback boards: It is ideal for placing a link to your feedback board in the footer or your product's header. Probably right next to the help button in your product. This would give your customers some context about what they can do with the feedback board.

Feedback Widgets

What is it: Feedback widgets are small embeddable elements you can embed in your product to gather customer feedback. A typical feedback widget would display all the existing feedback so that other customers can vote on them.

What you need: A feedback management tool offers the ability to embed a feedback board into your product via a widget. Take a look at the demo of a feedback widget here.

Best used for:

  • Embedding inside your mobile application for inline feedback
  • Embedding inside your web-based application
  • Creating support tickets

When to use feedback widgets: It would help if you used embeddable customer feedback widgets when you need:

  • To collect inline feedback from your customers
  • Show your customers the existing feedback
  • Provide a quick way to capture customer feedback or new feature requests

Feature voting boards

What is it: Feature voting boards allow your customers to vote on existing features. Feature voting tools will enable you to prioritize your feature roadmap by evaluating your existing customers' number of votes.

What you need: A powerful feature voting tool like Hellonext allows you to collect guest voting or fair customer voting for the features that are being built for your product.

Best used for:

  • Polling the most wanted features to build next
  • B2B companies with premium customers
  • B2C companies with paid customers

When to use feature voting boards: It would help if you used feature voting tools with feedback boards when you need:

  • To allow your customers to vote on the most wanted features
  • Prioritize the feature roadmap for your product
  • Allos users to decide what feature they need next

Embedded feedback form

What is it: Embeddable customer feedback forms are a simple way to gather customer feedback. It is like a suggestion box for your product that allows users to drop the features or suggestions they need for your product using feedback form embedded inside your product.

What you need: You need a simple feedback form widget offered by specific products. While Typeform could be one option, it is best to use a tool that is built to manage customer feedback.

Best used for:

  • Collecting customer feedback from within your product
  • A single place for your customers to drop suggestions

When to use embeddable feedback forms: You should use embeddable feedback forms (aka embeddable suggestion forms) in your product when you need:

  • To gather customer feedback quickly
  • A dropbox for your customers to drop feature requests
  • Know what features you need to prioritize next for your product

These four methods could come in handy when you think of improving your customer engagement and customer experience by providing them a central place to let them voice out their views on your product. Instead of using multiple tools to gather customer feedback, we build Hellonext, the central source for all your customer feedback.


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