16 September, 2021

5 Ways to Collect Customer Feedback for your SaaS product

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Deeksha Asiwal

Before we understand different ways to collect customer feedback for your SaaS product, let us understand the basics. We build Hellonext thinking hours about the best ways to help you collect customer feedback, centralize feedback, and help you process the customer feedback data. Here are our suggestions to collect, manage, and respond to customer feedback.

Let's get to it.

What is Customer Feedback?

Customer feedback is information provided by customers about their experience with a product or service. Its main purpose is to explain their level of satisfaction This will be able to help your product, customer success, and marketing teams understand where there is room for improvement. Companies can collect customer feedback proactively by polling and surveying customers, interviewing them, or by asking for reviews. Teams can also collect feedback by providing users a place in the product where they can share comments, complaints, or compliments.

Why is Customer Feedback important?

The people with the next knowledge of your product are without a doubt your users, or your customers. When we are able to look through the activities and experiences of these users, we will be able to identify the reasons for outcomes which occur much more easily. In this way, collecting customer feedback will be the best option to avail the expert knowledge that is present among your team in order to create a better product, a better service and ultimately, better sales for your enterprise.

Let us discuss some ways in which Customer Feedback can be considered of great consequence:

1. Figure out what will attract your customers to your website

Our best bet to understanding what drove your customer to visit your website is to learn exact what walked them there. You can aim to ask your customers why they stopped in their tracks to have a look at your website, instead of what it is that they want. You may be able to extract why they are looking for a particular product, as well as explain how exactly they want it.


2. Figure out what dissuades your customers to your website

Blockages are unwanted hindrances that will prevent your customer from interacting with your product as you had planned for them to. These blockages could be physical (website errors), practical (lack of information) or even societal (e.g. embarrassment, etc). Making use of open-ended questions such as “How easy was it to check out the products in your cart?”, etc will let you know how much effort a customer has to put in order to realise a sale for your product, and what will stop them, if anything.

3. Figure out what will foster a customer to continue to visit your website

As opposed to blockages, “hooks” will be those aspects of your website that will prompt the users to keep coming back to your website and to take up the steps that you intend for them to partake in. Once you are able to receive feedback from your customer about what exactly convinced them to stay and finish their purchase, you will be able to replicate and leverage it in order to increase your conversion rates.


4. Polish your product

If you are unsure how to improve your product, you can always count on your customers to tell you exactly how to do so. Customer feedback in 2021 will give you deep insight into the customer experience and will be able to guide you towards the pathway to develop your product. Once you align your product to your customer’s needs, you will be able to design the most intuitive product, which will lead to high value and great revenues.

5. Stay ahead of competition

In order to stay afloat in the industry, it becomes imperative to understand how your services and products are ranking in regards to the customer experience, to the price range and the quality offered by the rest of the industry. By surveying your customers on the basis of their past experiences, you will be able to save yourself from making the mistakes of others and even learn from external wisdom, all the while improving your own brand and service basket.


By continuous capture of customer collection, you will be sure whether your business is moving in the correct direction. There are various ways of collecting customer feedback and what would be the best combination for your business. It might be a good idea for making a standard practice of committing to the feedback tool that best works for your brand.

If you are looking to find ways in which you can make use of online tools to collect feedback - look no further!

We have curated 4 easy ways in which you can try your hand at collecting customer feedback, let's have a look:

4 easy sources to collect customer feedback

1. Your website


On-page feedback tools such as widgets, surveys and even pop-ups can be used to capture continuous data from the customer while they are currently still at your platform or your website. You are able to catch them while they are in the middle of the actions, exactly where you want them to be. These tools will give you a composite of quantitative as well as qualitative data sets, which will help to visualize the information in a holistic manner. Even in the case of pop-up surveys, which will compel your customer to provide reason for an action that they have taken, it can be useful to get quick and extremely specific answers.

It might be a good idea to use such on-site tools sparingly, in order to not exasperate the user. Having said that, using tools that are available on your website are incredibly useful in getting an integrated evaluation of your customer’s experience.

2. Feedback Surveys

When you are seeking answers to queries that are more long winded and large in number, it might be a good idea to send your customer surveys. This will give them time to answer your question as per their convenience. Moreover, you will be able to find answers that are more observational in nature, since your customer might be able to introspect on their experiences and then give answers for your questions. While the return rate for email surveys is rather low, it may be made possible to boost participation by incentivizing them with discounts or next-purchase prizes.

Net Promoter Surveys will be an incredible source of gauging the general satisfaction levels since you will simply be asking for scale rating from 1-10.


Similarly, a Customer Effort Score, i.e. the CES, will be an estimation of the general amount of effort put in by the customer in order to do interaction with your business. These will be useful in pinpointing any specific problem or hindrances within your website.

3. Social Media channels


Finding your customers exactly where they are will help you get the most out of your user feedback. We know that social media plays an important role in our daily lives. Social media is one space where everyone is present which later becomes a direct line of communication for your brand. Your Twitter handle, the LinkedIn page and any other social media platform must be monitored as much as may be possible. You will be able to find complaints, reviews or even praises in your name over social networking sites.

Engagements done with your official brand should be handled in the same way and with the same severity with which you handle the traffic on your own website. Social media will be used to understand your users’ behavior and refine your strategies. Of course at the end of the day, social media will be useful path for direct advertisements as well where you will be able to lead your customer to the appropriate action to be taken to interact with your brand.

4. Customer help platforms

Customer care service options on your website, like live chat, will help you realise sales, help you troubleshoot any blockages as well as act as a mechanism to gather customer feedback. Once the live chat has transpired, you may also be able to review it at a later time.


Even through assisting for small queries you will be able to procure some valid feedback. You can have your customer care executive conduct a small unscripted interview on the spot. This will be a way to understand your customer’s insights and their motivation for trying to acquire a product/ service, such as the one you are offering. Although such a feedback line may be time-consuming, the amount of direct feedback that you will be able to obtain will be invaluable, helping you measure changes in your performance over time.

5. Using our online feedback collection platform

After you have exhausted following the aforementioned methods of feedback collection, consider heading on over to our website at Hellonext where you will be able to collect customer feedback, plan a product roadmap, and publish changelog easily.

We are proud to note that everything that has been mentioned above can be put into direct use with our platform’s diverse services.

We also offer a free trial, so you do not have to commit to anything unless you are sure that this is what you want. By using Hellonext, you are able to make better sense of your customer feedback and provide actionable insights by aggregating everything into a single system of record. But that’s not all! Building a strong relationship with your customers is one of the best methods for increasing sales. You will build trust with each recurring customer, and they will spread the word about your business.

If you are looking to build a long lasting loyalty and get your support team in the spirit of helping build your user base, send us a ping here and we will be more than happy to help you out! 😊

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