5 things to consider before taking customer feedback to your engineering team

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The feedback you would receive from existing users is completely different from the feedback from fairly new users. New users can’t fairly assess your product, or tell you what you should build next.

Having worked with a lot of customers using Hellonext, the data points we arrived at drilled down to the following five questions.

These questions will help you understand the type of feedback you are receiving and what to forward to your engineering team or person:

  • Who are you receiving the feedback from? A trial user or a paying customer? Active user or inactive user? — Prioritize the paying customer;
  • How are they giving you feedback? Is their feedback positive or negative? Are they wanting this urgently? — Get on a phone conversation with them;
  • When did they give you this feedback? During their first day or week or month? Are they using the product the way it should be or is this just a mis-understanding of the product?
  • What are they saying? Are they requesting a new feature or improvement or a bug report? — Paying customers mostly would want you to improve some feature than to build something and break; is the feedback aligning to your engineering estimates?
  • Where are they giving you feedback? Are they receiving support from fellow users for their request? — a voting system would ideally work here when the feedback is in-demand.

The value of every feedback is so high for any product. But how we consider each feedback is crucial;

  • The feedback from a lifelong user would be more geared towards improving the product or making the workflows better;
  • The feedback from a new user will be more geared towards adding new features or improvements to on-boarding process;

Decide before building. Take informed decisions. Grow smarter.

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