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5 Books on Product Management every product manager should read

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Karthik Kamalakannan

Product management is a crucial part of shipping great products to customers. In many ways, product managers are considered mini-CEOs who can have a heavy influence on how the product is being built, and where the product is headed in the future.

Getting better at product management is a continuous effort, and these are some of the best books we recommend you should read to become the best product manager your company has ever had.

Here are the best books every product manager (PM) should read to become great at their job:

10 best product management books you can't miss

  1. Inspired
  2. The Mom Test
  3. Crossing the chasm
  4. Trust & Inspire
  5. Make Time


Inspired comes from the Silicon Valley Product Group, who come with decades of product development experience for the software industry. Inspired goes through (in a detailed manner) how companies like Google, Apple, Facebook and Netflix build great products.

If you are in the lookout for a product management book about pure product development, Inspired could be your breakthrough book. Inspired covers a wide variety of topics like product-market fit, release cycles and so much more.

As a founder of Hellonext, I have gained so much from the book about building great products for the software industry.

The Mom Test

The Mom Test is probably one of the most popular books for product managers for all. The books helps you understand the importance of idea validation before you build a product for your customers.

The Mom Test guides you through asking your target audience for their feedback without creating a bias for positive responses. Written by Rob Fitzpatrick, it is one of the most important and mind altering books a product manager could read to build a great product.

Crossing the chasm

Written by Geoffrey Moore, Crossing the chasm has been my go-to when it comes to thinking about what we could do next, and where the industry is headed. The book analyzes the original chasing the chasm theory, and breaks it down into two chasms:

  • Smaller chasm → the region between innovators and early adopters. This is a region where no one can be certain of a product's success.
  • Bigger chasm → this is the region between the early adopters and the mainstream market. This is where you want to place your product at.

To summarize Chasing the chasm book, you want to be capturing the market niche by niche to grow exponentially and win over customers from a variety of segments.

Trust & Inspire

Being a product manager, it is not just about shipping features and new products to the market. Being a product manager is more about working with a team of individuals, understanding their positives and negatives, to help them get the best work done for the product. Trust and Inspire will not directly talk about building great products, but it sure does help you understand how you can work with your team to be the best manager they have ever had.

Written by Stephen Covey, Trust and Inspired highlights the importance of trusting that the people in your team are creative, collaborative, and full of potential to build great products.

Make Time

The best product managers in the world are masters in time management. These product managers always seem to find the time they need to build great products. Make time is a great book if you are looking to manage your time of your everyday work.

The Make time book helps you manage time the way that works for you. If you are a new product manager, Make time should be your go-to book to manage your time better. Here's a video explaining the summary of Make Time book:

I hope this list helped you learn about a new book that you could pickup to read this week. If you find some other book that you think is interesting to build your career in product management, please share on Twitter by @ mentioning me @imkarthikk ↗.

One thing that is common in almost all the product management books is the fact that user feedback is crucial for the growth of any product or a product manager. The best product managers succeed with inputs from their users, and you can do it too. A user feedback tool would be of immense help to build a product roadmap with user feedback.

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