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Building communication with your customers during this lockdown will save your core asset. Now, all the businesses are transformed into digital and the enterprises started focusing on customer retention and trying hard to achieve long-term value.

Lockdown strengthens the importance of gaining the trust of the customers you have. But holding those customers to stick on with your product will require effective, strong communication between you and your customers.

During this crisis, customers may expect enormous support and guidance from your side than other times. Ultimately, you need a clear understanding of your customer to support or help them in any way. Building a better communication relationship only works in knowing their needs correctly and supporting them at the right time.

Strategies that work improving communication with the customers

Yes, it’s very crucial to communicate with the users in this current scenario. But as a matter of fact, it’s harder to raise the noise to reach customers right now and even tough to decide how and what to communicate - ensuring you’re not spamming them. Reaching customers in an effective way that offers value to customers requires a dedicated reevaluation before you connect with them.

Pro tip: You can also choose a dedicated platform that collects all your customer needs and helps you to manage all of the customer requests in a single place. It helps you in serving a better relationship with your customers.

Your proposal for communication during this lockdown should revolve around five central strategies:

  1. Strengthen your internal communication
  2. Prioritize and Support
  3. Develop your communication which provides them value
  4. Response to their feedback/requests
  5. Focus on the right audience.

Have a clear idea of “how” and “when” to communicate before you start.

#1 Strengthen your internal communication

Your customers will seek you hoping they can get some valuable solution for their issues. Many are trying to reduce costs with offers and analyzing how to do more with less. This is where your proactive service and support can help your customers to take full advantage of your product.

Always ensure the metrics behind health scores and early warning systems are improved to account for the new environment. Reconsider your customer engagement model to reflect the reality of what you and your customer are experiencing and needed at this point. Improve efficiency by making use of features, which put the competence of everyone at your company to work for you. And, take a deep dive to understand your customer needs, what they want, and what are issues they’re facing, at this time.

Private Communication with each customer ends up with a unique conversation about each customer’s direction through their challenges. Prioritization- which we will talk about next, is crucial in implementing this personalized messaging strategy.

#2 Prioritize and Support

The key to conducting customized conversations that add value is to have a clear about your customer needs. Your message only matters if it comes under their timely needs and is relevant, rather than general. Otherwise, it will go useless at a time when companies are sharpening their focus on what matters to their survival.

Prioritizing your customers based on the effect of a pandemic on their business will help you to target and scale specific and personalized campaigns across your portfolio. You can further concentrate your messaging by prioritizing according to location, industry, company size, digital adoption, and customer lifetime value - which measures a customer’s total potential spend throughout your relationship.

Customer prioritization enables your customer success sources by giving your team an all-round view across every account. As an organization, you can apply common product usage and customer response metrics to produce a general view of the current needs of every customer within their responsibility. This creates a way to communicate efficiently with your customer in a personalized way that offers value to them right now.

#3 Develop your communication which provides them value

With the growth marketing strategies, it is crucial to find new ways of communicating with your customers. This goes beyond the necessities of general conversation with the user, you need to include the way you provide deep training, support, and proactive advice. Due to the restrictions placed on collecting and movement during the current lockdown situation, email communications have risen and employees are overwhelmed by their inboxes. Since communication cannot do its work if it does not reach the user with the exact purpose, it is critical right now that your company finds ways to deliver the right value.

Prioritize your customers and offer them meaningful webinars and other events that deliver messages and create a chance to collaborate with them which helps you to find where they are in their journey.

  • Ask customers to attend your free training webinar series by sending them an impressive email.
  • Prepare virtual events to promote new ideas and share best practices
  • Offer them with free access to some valuable feature for a convinced number of days

Survey says great value messages that have relevance to the customer can gain a 50% open rate even during this pandemic.

#4 Response to their feedback/requests

Keep responding to customer requests/feedback as your priority, either positive or negative feedback, reach them with the desired answer. Every customer requests/feedback deserves a personalized message (not an automated one) explaining the situation of the process.

Perhaps, if you are not able to do the request that they asked, reach them with the apology and perfect explanation of why you’re not doing. Remember, negative feedback also deserves a reply with an apology, it is hard to accept at the beginning but they’re most valuable to improve your product.

Responding to every customer feedback will also help you to identify their needs properly and you can build the right one to your product. Collecting and responding to feedback from the various platforms will be daunting - choose the right feedback management system for your firm will help you in this.

#5 Focus on the right audience.

Focus on the right target audience who is the reason for your product’s success. Don’t waste your time on communicating with the people who are not sure that they will become your product user. Give more value to your existing customers because they’re the ones who are going to travel along with your product.

No matter how hard you put your efforts to reach people, it provides you with the value only when you target the right one. It’s better to target those who appreciate the long-term advantage of products and are willing to invest in the good quality of features you provide.

Value the needs of your audience

Meaningful communications during a pandemic depend on a keen understanding of the user on the other end of your messages. Providing customers with the best experience in your product has always been built around turning real-time customer information into results-based, achieving end goals. Those principles are more crucial than ever during times of pandemic.

Your customer feedback software can help you cut through the uncertainty of crisis management and base your actions on the realities that are facing your customers. By collecting and aggregating a range of real-time customer data, you can begin creating solutions based on data facts that will help customers to pursue your product even after the crisis fades.

In these uncertain times, you can’t afford to buy before you try. Get started for free today and discover a comprehensive suite of metrics created to update you of the realities facing your user.


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