3 Customer Feedback Board Ideas That Saves You Time

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Every product needs customer feedback board to gather their ideas and build a solid roadmap for their product. But coming up with ideas to manage your customer feedback board could be daunting.

While developing Hellonext, we use a bunch of customer feedback board ideas that I thought might be useful for you. Here are the three ideas you might find it useful:

Idea 1. Allow the users to submit feedback on your feedback board

Giving your customers the ability to submit feedback via private feedback boards or public feedback boars is one of the best things you can ever do. The reason to provide these customer feedback boards are pretty powerful:

  1. It allows your users to submit new feature requests via feedback boards;
  2. It gives a sense of community for the customers of your product;
  3. It projects a roadmap of things that are coming up in your product for your customers via feedback boards;

Hellonext is a great proof of the same. Over 5000 companies host their customer feedback boards on Hellonext to gather feedback from their users.

Idea 2. Create moderated customer feedback boards

Moderated customer feedback boards are becoming popular among product managers recently. Moderated customer feedback boards are the ones where product managers or product owners create upcoming features on customer feedback boards for customers to vote on existing features.

This works for products where they have alternative ways of gathering customer feedback but their just need a feedback board to gather customer votes to decide whether to build a feature or not.

Idea 3. Allow limited users to vote on features on your customer feedback boards

Sometimes, you don't want to let anyone (your free tier customers, competitors and others) submit or vote on feature requests on your feedback board. Instead, you would want to allow only your paid customers vote on features. In this case, you can use a tool like Hellonext to provide access to only a restricted set of customers.

We have a popular saying at our company: "Once you have a customer feedback board, you never go back". Customer feedback boards are some of the most powerful element for a product's success. All you need to do is to take the next steps and sign up for a trial with Hellonext.


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