10 ways to build a Customer Relationship through Online Feedback Tool

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    Deeksha Asiwal

In recent times, we have seen various businesses go viral on social media when an act of service or a thoughtful product has caught the attention of its customers. In fact, there are various stories we hear about businesses that see a large upswing in their customer base, while many end up falling between the cracks.

The need to create a loyal customer base lies in the fact that it is the customers who will be able to confidently stand behind your brand and keep it as a going concern in the industry.

Especially nowadays, when customer feedback is so easy to spread and to promulgate, it becomes even more important for you to try and get inside your customer’s heads and know what they actually think about your product and your website. Once you are able to get to the bottom of this, you will also be able to cultivate goodwill and valuable feedback that will in turn attract more people towards your brand name.


One of the simplest ways to ensure that your customers have a fulfilling experience on your website is to make sure that their experiences are consistent and in line with your company values. This should be the first passage of ensuring a good impression on your users. The existence of mutual regard and respect between you and your customers is bound to last for a long time following this. A simple behaviour for building strong customer relations would be to provide real time support as well as proactive solutions that are designed to bring about the success of your product.

When it comes to measuring the feedback that you are trying to collect,your understanding of user experience plays an important role in your customer’s satisfaction level. Getting some simple website feedback will allow you to reach out to real users and give you thorough sensitivity towards your customer's trajectory. We are going to explore some ways which we find the most profound in building customer relationships using online feedback tools.

Understand your customer’s psyche

Understanding exactly how your customer feels could be the elixir of getting to the most bottom crevices of your customer’s heart. Customers always have high expectations of being listened to and valued, and the simplest way to do that will be to obtain feedback from them. Expect them to sing laurels for your brand once you are able to successfully deploy this technique, all the while gaining another customer’s business as a loyal returner.


🧰 As with any other online feedback tool, you will be able to enjoy an exhaustive audience with your customer base. Using hellonext specifically, will make you competent in your customer’s psyche by creating a one on one communication channel, which will operate in a way where both you as well as your customer will have a clear understanding of each other’s state of mind and progress of work.

Exceed expectations in the sphere of customer service

While it is incredibly important for your customer to have a seamless experience when they are browsing and researching for your product, it is equally as important for them to have an episode that is pleasant in a holistic way. Your customer’s experience includes everything starting from the first impression they have of your landing page, all the way to when they call to ask you about assistance they require in order to run/ install the programme. We have to aim to be the Hermione Granger of customer service! 🧙🏼‍♀️

🪧 By making use of an online feedback tool, your customer will appreciate the fact that you endeavor to have their thoughts heard and are acting upon the feedback that they are providing for you.

Give your customers a personalized experience

Connecting with your customers on a standard that is intrinsically personal is key to establishing a faithful customer relationship. Personalization will be able to encourage loyalty, drive higher conversions and, conclusively increase returns on investment! We understand that the usage of advanced customer engagement tools could turn out to be rather far-reaching, but consider matching your tone and personality to that of your customer or even listening in and knowing your customer’s preferences - this will lead to an boostin their confidence in your brand!


🕴🏼When you take our services at Hellonext, we are able to completely personalize your Dashboard in order to make it a true reflection of your brand. If you would prefer to have a customer-centric personalized presentation, that can be catered to as well. Just drop us a message here and we will help you get started!

Loyalty Programmes

Using incentives such as special offers, discounts or perks will drive up customer loyalty and encourage repeat purchases. There are various ways to go about this practice, the easiest being designing your own loyalty programme. By giving your customers a discount like such every time they make a purchase, end up having them feel good about themselves. These strategies are great also for short-term result skyrocketing, since they have become just so common. However, be careful about simply using loyalty incentives since these have to be carefully curated along with tactics to build a strong relationship with your customer base.


🍥 Hellonext will help you to prioritize feedback from certain “high value”(Powerful) customers as well, so even more reason to make use of our services!

Be explicitly forthright about your whereabouts

Do your customers know that you have various channels of communication established for them? Do they know you run a helpline chat, a helpline email ID and even a phone number for them? It is all well and good to be running areas of assistance for your customer base, but it is equally important for your customer to be aware of where and how exactly they can find you in their times of need - whether it is to buy a product again, use one of your previous services or to simply seek help to check system requirements about the software that they have purchased from you.


🚂 Hellonext services are open for you at every platform. What is more, you are able to embed usage form our platform at every space that you would like to be available. This will ensure that you are present for your customers’ needs in every direction. Our support team will be able to consolidate various feedback from across the board and present to you neatly at your own convenience! Don’t we continue to give you reasons to love us!

Map out your customer’s experience

Customer experience is an essential component of the list of strategies that you can acquire in order to maintain customer relationships. Those companies that boast of a premium customer experience are known to be bringing in over 5.7 times more revenue than their competitors who lag in this sphere. By using a web-software you are able to streamline your customer experience in specific accordance to your brand.


😅 All of this will be possible without sweating it out on the IT front, if you choose our services at Hellonext - we will always be available whenever you need us to provide you with the tools you require to ensure that your customer’s feedback experience is unparalleled in the industry.

Cultivate customer courtesy spirit

We know that customer experience is the impetus for customer retention. Some studies have even shown that nearly 31 customers out of 50 will almost definitely drop out of repeating a purchase from a brand that does not offer them a positive customer experience. How do we improve this? By instilling a sense of customer etiquette in our support teams. And how do we instil such etiquette in them? We can keep our teams in the forefront of the customer experience by allowing both parties to have first-hand knowledge of the feedback that is provided to a company as well as how the feedback is being acted upon.


🔨 Using online feedback tools, we will provide you with a platform where you can do just all that without any hassle! If you happen to try Hellonext, you will be able to show to both your team and to your customers the manner in which you listen to your feedback and be grateful for it and are empathetic to your customer base by personalising your feedback tool and having such etiquettes included in your platform.

Making use of on-site survey tools

This might sound excessively uncomplicated, but on-site survey tools might be one of the best measures of feeling your customer’s pulse. On-page surveys or polls will bring about quick feedback from website visitors in their own words and will be getting visitor feedback on specific pages and concepts on your landing page.

🥇If you choose Hellonext - We will be able to provide an embed link to the feedback from your website so that users are directly submitting the feedback on your website itself.

Making your brand interactive

Using tools such as feedback widgets is an easy way to hear from your customers. They can be considered an attractive and soulful way of collecting user feedback. Once you use these widgets you will enjoy getting targeted visual feedback in the voice of the customer.


♟If you choose Hellonext - We will allow you to Identify a UX design problems with elements or features on pages of your website.

Keeping your customers up to date on the feedback that they have provided

The most impressive way to keep your customers happy will be to show them that the feedback that they have provided, by taking out time and efforts of their day - has been worthwhile! You can show them that every feedback provided has been actioned or in process and what your own organization's strategy is towards it.


🗺 Our folks over at Hellonext boast of an organized Roadmap that shows how each process is being worked upon and how long each attempt is going to take in order to incorporate their words in your company’s feature base.

It is quite clear to us that feedback is one of the most important tools in creating a better user experience and boosting your customer retention rate. While it helps you to take a serious note of the above mentioned ways in order to build customer relations, it is even more important to be using these feedback tools strategically. You have to be asking the correct types of questions, at the correct time and in the correct ways. Giving your customer what they need is how you are able to establish an understanding with your customer and as a result show how much you value them.

We must be sure you have now found various reasons to try giving online feedback tools a chance for user feedback collection. We hope we have been successful in convincing you to try out our own tool. Please check us out at hellonext.co and start your free trial now!


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