31 October, 2022

10 free SaaS tools for your next startup

Hellonext, Inc.

Karthik Kamalakannan

It has never been this easy to build your SaaS startup and make money out of it. It could get really hard when you are trying to get your startup off the ground, and it gets even more difficult when you have limited cash/time to spend on this new venture.

While the offline costs are something we cannot control, let us try to reduce the money you could spend on online tools to run your SaaS product. In this article, we are going to list down the top 10 best tools that you can use for free to run your SaaS startup in 2023.

VercelMarketing, HostingFreeVercel is a static site hosting that you can get started with for free. Vercel can be used to host your landing pages, and is a perfect fit for your startup.
HellonextCustomer feedback, Roadmap, ChangelogFreeHellonext is a free to use user feedback tool for SaaS companies. Hellonext comes with feedback boards, product roadmap tool and product changelog tool.
NotionProject management, NotesFreeNotion is the most popular second-brain tool which can be a good place for you to note-down information and to manage tasks.
FigmaCollaborative design toolFreeFigma is the ultimate design tool that can run on any browser. The collaborative features will help you work with remote contractors on design reviews, faster.
StripePayment gatewayFreeStripe is the best payment gateway that helps you get paid by your customers. Stripe comes with a standard fee, but you can apply for their startup programs to get credits initially.
RevueNewsletterFreeRevue is owned by Twitter and is a completely free email newsletter tool that you can use to send mailers to your customers or leads, for free.
Tally.soForm builderFreeTally is a new entrant and is a competitor to Typeform. Tally is a free form builder which can help you gather contact form requests, demo request form and more.
CanvaDesign toolFreeCanva simplifies the way you design brand elements like logo, color schemes and such for your product. You can start using Canva for free.
GitHubDeveloper tool, Source code versioningFreeGitHub is a Microsoft-owned source code hosting and collaboration tool for developers. If you are a technology SaaS business, this is where you will be storing your IP.
PostHogProduct analyticsFreePostHog is a brand new entrant to the industry. PostHog is the best way to analyze the user behavior of your product.

While these are the best free SaaS tools for your startup in the industry, you don't have to be limited only to this list. There are various other tools that you might want to use for your SaaS business, but always remember that getting started for free when using a tool, is to give you a good idea about the tool. Free tools are not permanent forever, and free tools are not necessarily feature-rich tools that you might want as well.

When you start making money from your SaaS business, if you feel like you are getting good value from the free tools, please don't hesitate to pay them. Most of the tools listed above are providing a free plan to promote their product and to reduce the user friction to use their product.

One of the best things you can do when using a free SaaS tool is to share them with your network so that you help the product grow, and your network gains some value from you as well.

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